{February 5, 2011}   Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction

Disclaimer : I own nothing to do with Buffy or any other show that may be mentioned. I did not create the characters that are mentioned here, nor do I take credit for them. That is property of Joss Wheden and whoever else. So No Suing me.


10:30 PM

Andrew stomped his feet as he walked to the basement. He tended to be very childish at a times, which really bothered everyone else. Today he had been more of a bother then he was worth and Buffy sent him to sleep in the basement. The basement was where the outcasts were sent, which is why Spike was always down there.

“What the bloody hell do you want?” Spike asked rolling over on his cot. He reached for a cigarette out of the pocket of his leather jacket that was hanging on the wall and placed it between his lips.

“Buffy said I have to sleep with you tonight,” Andrew said as he sat on the end of Spikes cot, which did not please Spike to well. Spike moaned annoyingly as he lit his cigarette.

“Slumber party,” Andrew cheered a little too excitedly, “We could tell ghost stories.”

Spike sat himself up on the end of the bed and looked Andrew dead in the eye. “You ever hear the one about the Vampire who didn’t like it when people sat on his cot?”

Andrew perked up and leaned in towards Spike. “No,” he said, not getting to what Spike was hinting at, “Do you think Buffy will let me up to make popcorn, these stories are so much better with popcorn.”

Spike rolled his eyes at Andrew and laid back down. Not wanting to bother with the boy any longer then he had to. “There is a blanket by the dryer, make yourself comfy there, and I mean there, no crawling into bed with me in the middle of the night when you get all scared like.”

“I don’t get scared,” Andrew said in a sure voice, “I am a grown man, we don’t get scared.” Though Andrew himself as well as Spike knew, that as soon as it was pitch black out, Andrew would get his knickers in a bunch.

12:00 PM

Spike had not moved his eyes from the ceiling in a while. He thought about getting out for some fresh air but ol’ Buffy would sure have a fit about that. He was not supposed to leave the basement, not until she was sure he was entirely safe. She must not like Andrew to well if she was willing to test him with the boy.

“Spike,” Andrew whispered from his corner of the basement, “Spike?”

Spike ignored him, pretending to be asleep. If he let the boy know he was awake he would never shut up and Spike really wanted silence.

“Spike,” Andrew whispered again a few moments later, “Spike are you awake?”

“No” Spike answered him annoyed once again.

“Oh,” Andrew replied.

Spike closed his eyes and hoped that the boy would get the message and go back to sleep. Though Spike knew that would be to easy and he did not have that kind of luck these days.

“Can I tell you a secret,” Andrew asked Spike through the darkness.

“No,” Spike answered.

“Can you at least then tell me some kind of a story,” Andrew asked, that childish tone in his voice.

Spike sighed and rolled over to his side. He knew this was going to be a nightmare of an evening the moment Andrew reached the bottom step of the basement stairs. “What do you need a story for?”

“Well,” Andrew thought about this for a moment, “I need something to occupy my brain so I can fall back asleep. I figured a story aught to do the trick.”

“What has your mind so far off laddie,” Spike asked, soon regretting his curiousity. If the boy started talking now about his feeling, he would never stop and Spike would have to stake himself.

“You already told me I cant tell you a secret,” Andrew said in a mocking tone, “but I guess I can forgive you for being so closed minded.”

“Closed minded,” Spike argued, “I am not closed minded, I am as open minded as they come. Shoot, tell me your secret. I can handle it.”

“I really don’t think you can,” Andrew replied, teasing Spike.

“You tell me that secret or I will rip your throat out,” Spike pretended to be angry with the boy.

“No you won’t,” Andrew laughed, “Buffy would kill you if you did, even if I do annoy her sometimes ….. okay all the time.”

“What is your bloody secret,” he asked more impatient this time. Spike had a knack for becoming impatient these days, “If you even have a secret to begin with.”

“I do have a secret,” Andrew said defensively.

“Right,” Spike laughed, “I bet you just made having a secret up.”

“No,” Andrew cried, not liking being teased by Spike, “I do have a secret.”

“Yeah,” Spike smiled, “Prove it.”

“I have,” Andrew stopped himself, he had never told anyone his secret. He was not sure why he was even willing to tell it to Spike. He figured Spike would be cool to tell though, since he did not seem to talk much to the others these days. “I have a crush on Xander.”

Spike felt his mouth drop open just a tad. He was not quite sure if he really heard what he thought he heard. He was for sure the boy said he had a crush on Xander. That had to be wrong, he had to have said something else. Sure Spike always got a sense that Andrew was gay, he was sure everyone else sensed it to, but no one liked Xander. You had to be a demon to want to be with that boy.

“Xander,” Spike asked raising an eyebrow, “you have a crush on Xander? As is Xander Harris? As in I will never be a solider Xander Harris?”

“Yeah,” Andrew admitted, “he is so dreamy.”

“Bloody dreamy my arse,” Spike began, “he is nothing but a kid who thinks that he is some badass because he dated a demon and works construction. He is far from being a real man.”

“Who would be a real man,” Andrew asked.

“Well,” Spike began, feeling his tongue get caught in his throat, “I am what you would call a real man.”

“Buffy said,” Andrew began.

“Buffy said what,” Spike asked, not giving Andrew a chance to finish, “Buffy is just jealous that she could never be with a real man like me. Takes a lot of guts to be with a real man.”

“I have guts,” Andrew blurted out.

“Is that a fact,” Spike asked, flicking on a small light that was above his head. He used it when he wanted the dim effect in the basement, almost made it feel homey in a way. “What makes you think you could handle a real man?”

“Well,” Andrew thought about this for a moment, “I am, well I, I just have the guts okay.”

Spike laughed as he looked Andrew over and then stopped when he got a lump in his throat. He was not thinking what he thought he was thinking was he? Andrew was an annoying little thing who annoyed him on a regular basis. Spike shook his head trying to get the thoughts to go away.

“You ever think I will get to be with a real man like you Spike,” Andrew asked with wonder in his voice.

Spike felt the hair on his arms stick up. How was this boy getting to him this way. This was not the way Spike generally felt. Besides, he was in love with Buffy and Andrew was not in his league. But he is so young and warm and juicy.

“I guess it will never happen,” Andrew said reluctantly and laid back down.

“Wait,” Spike began but stopped himself.

“What,” Andrew asked, looking up over at Spike with curious eyes.

“You want to know what it is like to be with a real man,” Spike asked, feeling like he might regret this in the long run.

Andrew sat up quickly. He looked Spike over with curious eyes once again. He had a gut feeling as to what was going to happen, but he did not believe it. Just because he had played this idea in his head a million times over, didn’t mean it would actually happen.

“Your,” Andrew began, “Not going to bite me and make me into a vampire are you, because I don’t want to be a vampire, I want to be a Jedi Warrior or Spock, I would love to be Spock.” Andrew paused for a slight second to think before continuing, “Does Spock have to bite me to make me one of him?”

Spike moved over to Andrew and placed a finger over his lips. Spike was done for the boy to be talking about things such as Spock and other nerdy things like that.

“You know,” Spike laughed, lowering his cold body against Andrew’s. “You do an awful lot of talking for a human in your position.”

Without giving Andrew the ability to talk anymore, Spike pressed his lips hard against Andrews. At first Andrew struggled away from the kiss but then soon gave into it.

“Oh my god,” Andrew said out loud, pulling slightly away from Spike. “Did you know you are kissing me?”

“Shut up,” Spike growled at Andrew, pressing himself harder against him.

Spike pushed his tongue into Andrew’s mouth and Andrew moaned, moving his tongue around Spikes. Everything about Spike was cold and Andrew loved it.

Andrew, feeling himself get brave, began to pull at Spike’s black shirt. Spike was liking the braveness in the boy and lifted his arms for his shirt to come off of his body. To Andrew’s amazement, Spike was, well he was prefect. He was pale and buff and eveything you could want from a sexy vampire.

Spike pulled Andrew up and took of his shirt as well and began to pull down Andrew’s pajama bottoms. Not really paying attention to what Andrew was wanting. Once Andrew was naked, Spike began to kiss around Andrew’s neck and back. He had turned Andrew away from him, not sure why specifically.

“This is going to hurt isn’t it,” Andrew whispered, looking back at Spike. “I mean I am okay if it hurts, I just want to know if it is going to hurt or not.”

“Yeah pet,” Spike growled, “it is going to hurt, but your a man with guts remember.”

Andrew nodded his head and pushed back into Spike who was now dropping out of his pants. Once he was naked, Andrew could see his fully erect penis. It had to be around seven inches long and two inches thick. Andrew felt a little bit of panic but took a deep breath, forcing the panic to subside.

Spike pulled Andrew over to the dryer and bent him over it. Andrew’s ass pushing back against Spike’s hard cock. This made Spike’s blood boil.

Spike spit on his hand and down onto his cock, making it as wet as he could for what he was about to do. He knew this was going to hurt Andrew, but at the moment he did not care, Andrew didn’t seem to care either.

“You body is so warm,” Spike moaned as he ran his wet fingers across Andrew’s ass, getting it nice and ready to accept his cock.

Spike grabbed a hold of Andrew’s side and slowly pushed the tip of his cold hard cock against Andrew’s tiny little bud. Andrew let out a slight whimper as Spike pushed the head into his ass. Spike stopped for a moment, to let Andrew get used it. Before Spike could continue, Andrew pushed back against Spike’s cock.

Spike did not move, he waited until Andrew had all of his cock deep into his ass. Once Spike knew that Andrew was a little more relaxed, he began to pull out slowly. Once he pulled half of his cock out, he pushed it a little more quickly back in.

Andrew let out a moan and pushed back against Spike as Spike pushed himself back into Andrew. Spike growled into Andrew’s ear, pulling him hard down onto his cock. He then began to pull out and push into Andrew in a steady motion.

“Oh my god yes,” Andrew moaned. “This is better then Spock. Okay well maybe not better then Spock but this is right up there in the category of Spock.”

“Will you shut up,” Spike moaned into Andrew’s ear as he began to fuck him harder and faster in the ass. “Spock is a stupid fictional character.”

“How dare y….” Andrew began, before he was cut off by his own screams of pleasure. He grabbed a hold of his cock and began to stroke it quickly. The pre-cum dripping off the tip helped to lubricate it.

“Fuck,” Spike growled loudly throwing his head back, “You ready for this one pet, you man enough?”

“Yes,” Andrew moaned, “I am ready, let me have it.”

Spike pushed hard long thrusts into Andrew, getting ready to shoot his load deep into the boys ass. “I am gonna cum.”

“Yes,” Andrew moaned, stroking his cock harder, right on the verge of his own orgasm. “Bite me.” He screamed, “Bite me.”

Right as Spike’s orgasm hit him, he dug his teeth into Andrew’s neck. He could not help but suck the blood from his body. Spike could feel Andrew’s orgasm through the way his blood rushed down his throat.

Andrew’s body shook as a long stream of cum shot from his cock, hitting the dryer and running down the side.

Spike retracted his teeth and pulled his mouth away from Andrew. He then slowly pulled his throbbing cock out of Andrew’s ass. Moving to his bed, Spike sat down and worked to regain control of himself.

“I had you figured wrong pet,” Spike smiled, laying back against the bed. “You are more man then I give you credit for.”

Andrew lowered himself to his bed on the floor, his fingers feeling over the two holes in his neck. He then looked up at Spike, a weak smile on his face, which is all that his body could muster up. “Well ..” Andrew began as he laid his head against his pillow. “I guess that was better then thinking about Spock doing it.”


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