{February 5, 2011}   A Kiss to Remember ( a short story )

Today was my eighteenth birthday, which had been long awaited. My parents took me out to a fancy dinner and I got to bring my best friend. It was an amazing night, full of good food and laughter. My mother, who tended to drink a little to much was really talkative that evening and asked me a question I never had thought about until that moment.

“Natalie,” my mother began as she took another sip of her wine. I looked over to her and smiled, wondering what it was that she was going to say. “Why is it that at the age of eighteen, you have never brought home a boy or mentioned ever dating a boy?”

I could not believe what I was hearing. My mother was asking me why I had never had a boyfriend. Most parents were glad when their daughters were not around dating a bunch of random boys, but no, not my mother. She wanted to know why I had not dated.

In all honesty, I had not thought about this at all. It was not because of how I looked. I was about five foot seven, one hundred and twenty pounds, I have a 36C chest. Along with my body, I had long wavy red hair that went to the middle of my back and bright green eyes, that stood out behind my olive skin. In most standards, I was a good looking girl. So why hadn’t I had a boyfriend?


That night I laid in bed, looking up at my ceiling. I could not get my mothers question out of my head. I was now just as curious as here as to why I had never never had a boyfriend. I decided to put my brain through a test. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine all of the people I had ever had a crush on. My mind was blank. Had I never had a crush on anyone?

Before I opened my eyes, an image flashed before my eyes. For a minute I did not realize who it was. It was then that the image because clear. “Markus?” I whispered.

I had not seen Markus in two years now. He would be turning twenty here in a few days. On top of being cousins, we were the best of friends. We spent a lot of time together and on my sixteenth birthday, he gave me the gift of my very first kiss. Sadly, that gift was seen by my mother, who moved us far away to get me away from him and his family. This caused a big hole in our family. Over the last two years, I had been able to get move on slowly, but deep down I missed him.

I sat up in my bed, thinking back to when I spent every waking moment with him. I wished my mother would not have gotten so worked up over the situation. We were just a couple of teenagers who were curious, that was something that happened and she had to know that. My mother never being a rational person however, took the easy way out.

I wondered if they still lived in the same house as they did before. What would they do if I just showed up one day out of nowhere? I decided that I was going to find out. I packed a bag, took out all the money from my savings, hopped in my car and headed home, or at least to the town that used to be home.

It took me twos days and one hotel later to get there. I rented another room once I was in the town, because I was scared that even if they were still living here, they would not want me there. I figured that it would be best just to rent a hotel room for a few days.

I then did what I came here to do. I went back to where I used to live. I stayed across the street in my car and waited. I was not sure whether or not they would recognize me, sure it had only been two years, but I had changed quite a bit in that time. I was sure he had as well. Though being as he was about to be twenty, it was possible that he no longer lived there with his parents. It was still something I needed to find out.

After a few hours of watching, I discovered that Markus still lived there, and by sneaking closer, I realized that he was still in the same room. He had the only bedroom that was downstairs. We loved this when we hung out. It meant that if we were going to sneak out or do something we were not suppose to do like watch movies we were allowed or something, it was that much easier.

Did I go knock on the door? Did I leave? What was I to do? I knew that my Aunt and Uncle would send me away if they saw me. I needed to just get to Markus, without going through them. It was then that I decided to sneak into his room that night. I needed to see him, so it was worth whatever risk I was taking.

I drove back to the hotel to get ready for this evening. Hopefully, he remembered who I was.


I got out of my car and slowly crossed the dark street. All the lights were out inside of the house, as well as for the houses on the inside. It was a little odd for a Friday night, but this was a small town and small towns did things like that.

I snuck through the yard and walked up to his window. I could see a small light flickering from the inside, it was coming from a television in the corner. The lights bounced off the walls and lite up the bed slightly. That was when I saw him laying on the bed. He looked like he was about to fall asleep and I almost decided to leave, but I knew that I needed to see him. My head and heart had let me here, so this is where I needed to be.

I stood there for a minute watching him, before lightly knocking on his window. I could see him jump slightly, as he head turned towards me. He hopped out of his bed and opened his window. He looked at me and squinted his eyes slightly. It was dark out and he was not really sure who he was looking at in the moment.

“Can I help you,” he asked with a very confused tone in his voice. He continued to look me over and I could feel my heart beating loudly in my ears.

“Markus,” I said giving him a small smile. “It’s me, Natalie.”

Markus’ face lit up into a huge smile. I could not help but match him with a smile just as amazing. He looked me over a little more before reaching down to help me into his room. Once I was in his room, he shut the window and sat down on the bed.

“You can sit down,” he said tapping the bed beside him. He had the look of a kid in a candy shop and that made me happy. I was worried he didn’t want to see me, but that did not seem to be the case.

I sat down next to him and crossed my legs. I was a little nervous and had no idea what to say. He broke the ice by asking me how I was, and then there was no more weirdness between us. We talked for what felt like hours about our lives since I had moved. I had not realized until just now how much I had truly missed him.

“I am glad that I came,” I finally said smiling at him again. “I have thought about you over the last two years. One little kiss and our parents freak out.”

I noticed that his face had gotten red. He looked down at his feet and then back up to me. “It was not just a kiss to me,” he whispered. “It was, it was so much more then that. I know that we were were young, well teenagers, but I knew then that I loved you.”

I could not believe what it was that I was hearing. He knew back when I still lived here that he was in love with me. There is no way that there was that kind love between us, was there? It was then that I really thought about it. Why was it that I had never had a boyfriend? Why had I pictured him when trying to answer this for myself? Did I know then too as well that I loved him?

“Kiss me,” I blurted out, looking over at Markus. He had a confused look on his face once again, and seemed a little bit scared. I knew that he thought this was a trick and was a little unsure about doing it. “Kiss me, I need to figure something out and in order to do that, you need to kiss me.”

Markus leaned in towards me, but he did not kiss me. He got halfway to me and then pulled away. He was shaking lightly and I knew that I was going to have to do this myself. Before he backed away to far, I pulled him to me and kissed him hard.

As our lips touched, my entire body got excited. It was like I was taken over by this feeling that I had no name for, and no control over. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt and I did not want it to go away.

Markus kissed me back hard, which caused me to fall back against the bed. My head kept telling me to pull away but I only kissed him back that much more. Our lips felt like they were fusing together as our tongues danced together, almost like magic.

“I told you it was love,” he whispered as he pulled back, but didn’t keep his lips away from mine for long. Right after the words were said he began to kiss me again. We kissed for what felt like forever, before I noticed his hand start to go up my shirt. I knew once again that I should pull away, but I wanted to feel his hands against my breasts.

“You are so amazing,” he said to me as he pulled my shirt up over my head. I lay there in from of him, by breasts hiding behind nothing more then a thin lace white bra. My nipples were so hard that you could see them shape of them perfectly through the thin layer of fabric.

His fingers played with my nipple through my bra, before pulling it down to let them free. He continued to play with one nipple with his finger while caressing the other one with his tongue. I could feel my pussy getting so wet. I began to pull at my pants and he happily helped them off of me.

Once mine were off I began to took at getting him out of his clothes as well. As he worked to take off his shirt and pants and boxers, I took off my bra and my panties. Leaving up both laying there naked.

He went back to kissing me, his fingers making his way between my legs. I moaned against his mouth as his finger rolled over my clit. I was about to be sent over the edge, but he then stopped. Moving his lips from my mouth to my ear.

“I want you to be the first,” he whispered into my ear, “I want you to be my first and my only.”

My heart was racing in my chest. I could not answer him verbally, but I nodded at him. I did not give him time to do much else before grabbing his cock and directing it to the entrance of my pussy, which was now dripping wet. I had popped my cherrie long ago with a dildo, so I was more then ready for him.

He slowly pushed the head of his 7in cock inside of me. My body shook and I felt more then amazing. He pushed it slowly in and out a few more times before pushing it all the way inside of me.

“Oh fuck yes baby,” I moaned as his balls slapped against my ass. He took that as a wonderful sign and began to pump his cock in and out of me harder and harder.

I tried not to be to loud but I could not hold it back. I moaned and screamed and loved every second of his cock pushing in and out of me.

“Yes baby,” I moaned as I scratched my fingers down his back, “fuck me baby, make me cum all over your hard cock.”

With that he fucked me harder and faster. I screamed, loving every second of his cock pounding into me. “I am gonna cum baby,” I screamed, wrapping my legs tightly around him waste.

“Oh my god,” he moaned, “so am I.”

“Yes baby, cum inside of me.” I told him as he his thrusts got slower but more powerful. It was then that he let out a load moan and I could feel his cock throb inside of me, feeling me with his cum. As his cum hit the walls of my pussy, my orgasm hit me.

“yes baby,” I screamed, holding him tighter to me, until his cock went limp inside of me. He slowly pulled out and flopped down on the bed beside me.

“I l…” I began before I was cut off by a sound in the hall. “Markus,” a voice called from the hallway. I knew by the sound that it was his mother, she must have heard us.

We both jumped up in a panic. He swung open his closet door and I grabbed my stuff and stepped inside. He shut the door behind me and jumped into his bed. He looked over at the tv and pretended that he was interested in what he was watching as his mother opened the door.

“Is everything okay in here,” she asked him. She stepped in front of the closet to where I could no longer see markus. “I heard strange noises.”

“It must have been the television mom,” he lied to her as his cum dripped down the inside of my legs. “Sometimes it gets pretty loud.”





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