The water almost felt like it was burning through my skin as it hit the back of my neck. It felt so good that for a while I just stood there, even though I knew I needed to be getting ready for school. It was a Friday and the last thing I wanted to do was get dressed and head to school.

“Honey,” I heard the voice of my mother as she poked her head into the bathroom. I could not make out her face through the steam but I knew that she was there. “I am heading off to work, I wont be home until late.”

“Okay,” I said back to her. She generally worked late, so it never surprised me. Sometimes I wish she would spend more time at home. I wanted it more when I was younger, but now that I am seventeen, I kind of like all the time I get to spend at home by myself.

“Alright honey,” my mothers voice once against made its way to my ears. “I will see you when I see you.”

With that my mother shut the bathroom door and she was off. Knowing that she was leaving before I went to school gave me an idea. I decided then and there as the hot water pressed against my skin that I was going to skip school.

It was a Friday which meant the most important thing I would be missing today would be Pizza for lunch and if I really wanted Pizza I could just order one. My mother made sure to leave me with money so I could by myself food when I needed to. We were the kind of people who ate out more often then not. I could not remember going grocery shopping since I was a kid.

I stood in the shower for what felt like an hour. My skin was starting to prune and I knew that it was time for me to get out and put some pajama’s on so that I could start my lazy day on the couch catching up on all the shows that were on my DVR.

I turned off the water and reached out to grab my towel. I pulled it into the shower with myself and dried myself off the best that I could. I then wrapped the towel around my thin frame and stepped out into the still steamed up bathroom.

The towel hung from my 26B breasts and covered half of my 110 lbs body. I grabbed another towel to wrap around my hair.

Wiping the fog off the mirror, I looked myself over once and smiled. I loved the way I looked when I was right out of the shower. I looked innocent and clean in such a seductive way. Looking at myself was enough to get my blood flowing.

Exiting the bathroom, I decided to skip the pajamas and just headed on down to the living room. My mother wasn’t going to be home for a long time, so there was no rush for me to put any clothes on. If it were up to me, I would never have to wear clothes. I much preferred the way life felt against my bare skin.

I slipping into the kitchen and opened up the fridge looking for something to drink. My eyes spotted a few wine coolers in the back of the fridge and I smiled. I figured why not have a little something to drink while I kicked back and relaxed.

I grabbed one of the bottles and took the cap off. Then being the crazy person that I am, I completely peeled the label off. I had a thing for doing that. It didn’t matter what it was that I was drinking or sometimes eating.

Once the bottle was cleared of its label, I headed back into the living room and sat down on the couch, crossing my feet and placing them up on the coffee table. I grabbed the remote that was laying in the middle of the couch and turned the television on.

I must have spent a good half hour flipping through channels to find something to watch. I knew I had things on my DVR and that is what I wanted to watch, but I also got sidetracked from actually doing so. So soon I was up into the movie channels and came upon a few porn channels.

“Dirty Girls” was the title of one of the movies that was on. Without thinking much about it, I clicked on it. A pop up window came up informing me that it cost 3.99. I pushed accept, not really thinking much about the fact that it was going to show up on a bill that my mother would get soon.

The video began to play and my eyes watched as two girls kissed on a bed. They were both wearing lingerie tops and matching panties. My body perked up a bit as I watched then lick and bite the lips of one another. I wished that I was one of them, feeling the other girls lips against mine.

Both girls leaned back, sitting on their knees and removed their own shirts. Once the shirts were tossed aside, on girl bent forward and began to suck on the nipples of the other one. With this I felt my pussy start to slowly get wet. I took a long drink of my wine cooler and smiled as I watched her flicker her tongue over that beautiful breast.

I parted my legs ever so slightly as I finishing off my wine cooler and setting the bottle down beside me. Now my body was wet and warm and I could not help but slide my fingers between my legs. I rubbed the outer layers of my pussy, feeling the smooth, hairless pussy, warm against my fingers.

I let out a soft moan as my index finger slid between my pussy lips and brushed lightly against my clit. My body twitched slightly as my eyes looked back up at the television. The girl who had been getting her nipples sucked on a minute ago was now laying on her back. The other girl was kissing lightly over her pussy, but had not made it any further yet.

I closed my eyes and slowly rubbed my clit with my index and middle finger. I pushed my hips up against my fingers and thought of the hot girl on the television running her tongue over my pussy and pressing onto my clit. I then began to run my fingers up and down the length of my pussy. Stopping everytime I get to the entrance of my body, but never pushing in.

After I teased my pussy for a while, I knew that my body needed more. I needed to have an orgasm, and I needed to have one soon. I then slowly pushed my index finger half way into my pussy. I let out a long moan and my legs tensed up slightly. I then began to push it in and out of my body slowly, but it wasn’t enough.

I moved to where I was laying more on the couch and then worked to slide a second finger into my pussy. It felt so warm, I wished that I could be eating it all up. I begin to slide them more and more into my pussy until you could no longer see my index finger and my middle finger, but it was still sadly not enough to get my satisfied.

I thought about running upstairs and getting my dildo, but I did not want to take a break in the middle of what was happening. I needed to continue, but I needed more then just my fingers inside of me. I looked over at the remote but shook my head, it was large and bulky and would be more trouble then it was worth. That is when I remembered the bottle that I had just finished off.

I looked around me until I found the bottle stuck between two cushions. I grabbed it with my free and and placed it upside down over my mouth. I wanted to make sure that I had gotten every last drop of liquid that I could out of it.

Once I had felt like all of the liquid was out of the bottle, I slipped it between my legs. I pressed the cold opening of the glass bottle against my clit. It made me shiver at how cold it actually was. I then ran it up and down the length of my pussy, just like I had down with my fingers.

By now I was breathing heavier and I just wanted to be fucked, but I wanted to work to it. I did not just want to fuck myself and be done with it. I wanted to be able to make love to myself. When I just fucked myself the orgasm was fast and didn’t last long. When I made love to myself, it built up slowly and sometimes took me hours to fully recover. I wanted to be recovering most of the day.

I knew now that I was ready to move to the next step. I slowly pushed the head of the cold bottle into my pussy about a half an inch. My body tensed up and I watched as my nipples got so hard they almost hurt. I moved it slowly back and forth that half an inch before slowly pushing it a little further into me. I felt so dirty and wrong, just like the title of the movie I was watching stated. I was now a dirty girl and I loved it.

I began to push the bottle in a little harder, but trying not to push to hard, being as it was glass and I was not sure how well it was going to hold up. I could feel my pussy wrapping around it tightly as it dripped juices down the side. My moans had grown into screams as I fucked myself harder and faster.

My body was thrashing on the couch, my hips pushing up into the air so the bottle could slide in just a a little deeper. I was almost to my orgasm when something stopped me, my body freezing instantly.

“Olivia,” an angered voice yelled over the sound of my moans and the television. I sat up on the couch, bottle still half way in my pussy. It was then that I saw my mother standing in the doorway of the living room. She looked angry and I knew that I was going to have a lot to explain.

“Mama,” I blurted it out, “it’s not what it looks like I promise.” I knew that she was not going to believe that but being the kid I was, I had to give it a shot. I knew she was not stupid and she was not going to fall for it.

“Not what it looks like she began,” her eyes darting back and forth between me and the porn that was still playing on the television. “What it looks like to me young lady is that you are skipping school.”

My eyes looked at her in a confused manner. Of all the things that she was seeing in this very moment, the one thing she is mad about is that I missed school. My only guess what that she really did not know what to say about the situation.

We looked at each other for a minute, my heart beating fast then it had ever done before. I felt my cheeks get red with embarrassment. The strange thing though, was that I was still incredibly horny. I still had the bottle half way inside of me and more then anything I wanted to finish fucking myself. I was at a loss though for as to what I was supposed to do.

I could see that my mother was thinking about something, but I was not sure if it was good or bad. I began to pull the bottle out of me, but she stopped me. Sitting down on the couch, she looked over at the television and then back over at me. My heart was beating so loudly that I could no longer hear the television in the background.

“Lay down,” my mother said calmly, pushing lightly against my shoulder. I wanted to argue her, but instead I did as she said. If I argued her, I could only end up being in much more trouble then I was already in. “Good girl.”

My mind was racing. What was my mother about to do? I felt like I needed to get up and run away, but I wanted to know what she had planned so badly. Within an instant, I learned her plan. My mother pushed my hand away from the bottle that was just a little under half of the way in me. She then grabbed a hold of it herself.

“Someone must oh been really horny,” she said in a seductive tone. I could almost not believe my ears but she was right. I was so horny that I did not want to argue with her. I just nodded my head agreeing to her statement.

Her eyes flashed back to the girls that were on the screen and so did mine. One of the girls was licking the others pussy violently, while shoving her fingers in and out of her. The girl was screaming and moaning. I wished so much that I was that girl.

My eyes flashed back to my mother when I felt the bottle moved. She had slowly pushed it a little more into me. I could not help but moan. Then she did something that I never could have even imagined. My mother leaned down and lightly kissed the top of of my pussy. It was so amazing feeling her warm lips against my cleanly shaved pussy. I almost came right then and there.

“Mmm,” my mother moaned and she began to part the lips of my pussy with her tongue. “Mama’s baby girl really wants it.”

“Yes,” I answered her, even though I was not sure if she was asking a question to me or now. “I want it so bad mama.”

I looked down to see the smile on my mothers face. Part of me wondered if I had fallen asleep on the couch and this was some kind of dream, but it felt way to real to be a dream.

“But wait,” I tried to get out, my body trying to lift up. She stopped me from talking and caused me to fall back against the couch as she slid the bottle a little deeper into me. I pushed down against it, wanting to take the whole thing inside of me.

She could tell what I wanted and pushed hard one more time, getting the bottle almost all the way into me as she found my clit with her tongue. It was then that I lost control. My hips bucked up against the bottle and my pussy grabbed onto it tightly.

“Of fuck, yes, I’m cumming,” I screamed, my body shaking as wave after wave of orgasm hit me. My mom continued to fuck me nice and hard with the cooler bottle. I screamed and thrust repeatedly, until my body finally went limp.

She stopped moving the bottle but left it deep inside of me. I pussy throbbed around it, grabbing it tightly then loosening around it. I shook occasionally, glancing down at my mother who was looking up at me.

Soon she pulled the bottle quickly out of my pussy, it felt so amazing that I almost had another orgasm. She then crawled over the top of me. She held a bottle that was a quarter of the way full with my juices. She brought the bottle up to her lips and drank it down, it made my insides flutter, the thought of my mother drinking all my sweet honey.

“Mmm, you taste so good baby girl,” my mother moaned with her lips against the bottle, my juices running lightly down her chin.

I got up from where I was and sat myself down on her lap. I bent forward and licked the juice up from her chin, my tongue stopping at her lips. I kissed her softly and she moaned against my lips. My breasts pushed against her body and made my pussy tingle.

I grinded my pussy against her skirt covered legs and moaned back against her mouth. She wrapped her arms around me and ran her fingers down my back.

I kissed her lips a while longer, moving my lips down her jaw and around her neck. She leaned her head back giving me all of the access that I needed. I bit and licked her neck, leaving little tiny red marks in a trail.

I slowly climbed off of her lap and moved down to the ground. I sat on my knees in front of my mothers legs. She looked down at me with so much lust in her eyes. It made my heart pound and my pussy drip.

Sliding my hand up the side of her leg under her skirt. My fingers tingled against the feel of her stockings. I then moved my hands down her legs and began to pull off her black heels. I loved how classy she looked in her business suit.

Once I had her shoes off, I reached back up into her skirt. I growled as my fingers dipped between her legs, yearning to touch her mature beautiful pussy. I was stopped from my mission by the stockings. Not wanting to waste any time removing them properly, I ripped then down the middle. Revealing a lacy black thong.

I ran my fingers over it softly but hard. I looked up at my mother when she moaned and smiled. She had her head pressed against the couch and her eyes were closed. She was biting her lip and I could tell that she wanted more. I could smell her sweet pussy and I knew that it wanted more as well.

I slid her panties to the side and searched for her clit with my fingers. She moaned loudly as I found her tiny little button. I ran my finger lightly in circles around it. Her moans filling the room.

Running my finger from her clit to her dripping wet hole I moved forward. I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and ran it over my mothers beautiful clit. I could hear her gasp as my tongue touched her, it made me want her even more.

As I ran my tongue around her clit I slowly slid a finger into her. She pushed her pussy down and swallowed my finger whole. It made me suck her clit up into my mouth.

“Oh yes baby,” my mother moaned, “show your mama what a good little girl you are. Make your mama’s pussy cum all over your fingers.”

Her words made me suck harder on her clit and she let out a long moan of pleasure. I buried my face into her sweet pussy, licking and sucking and nibbling her beautiful clit. A second finger joining in on the fun and pumping into her dripping wet pussy. Her juices felt so good against my hand.

I then decided I was going to step it up a notch. I reached over and grabbed the wine cooler my botlle. I looked up at my mother and she nodded at me, letting me know that it was okay. I once again sucked her clit up into my mouth as I slowly pushed the bottle into her waiting pussy.

I reached down with my other finger and began to rub my pussy violently, as my tongue fucked itself against her clit and I slammed the bottle into her pussy. My mother was screaming in pure bliss, fucking her pussy against the cold hard bottle. It was beginning to fill up with her juices, just like my pussy had caused it to do.

I rubbed my clit harder and faster. My body pushing towards another orgasm. It throbbed and dripped juices onto the floor beneath me. I felt my orgasm about to hit so I fucked my mother harder with the bottle.

She moaned and screamed and pushed harder against it. Her pussy dripping so much juice that half the bottle was almost filled.

“Yes, fuck your mama, fuck me good baby girl I am so close.” she moaned loudly, as she thrust against the bottle. “oh yes baby girl Im cumming, fuck, yes, fuck me baby.”

I fucked my mother harder with the bottle as her orgasm took over her bottle. I moaned loudly as my body shook with its own orgasm. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had.

“Oh mama,” I moaned, kissing up her leg, “you were so amazing.”

My mother smiled down at me. Her eyes still full of pure lust. I watched her bit her lip and moan once more as I pulled the half full bottle of juices from her.

I pressed it against my lip and took a drink, letting her warm juice make it down my throat. It sent shivers down my back, and I wanted more. I took another drink and then pulled it away from my lips. I then took what was left of her juices and poured it over my tits.

Her juices ran over my tits and dripped down my body. My tits and stomach glistened in the light from the living room.

My mother smiled and pulled me up to straddle her lap once against. She kissed my neck and then began to lick at her juices, cleaning it off of my breasts and her fingers moved in between my legs. I knew that this day was not over, and the weekend was just beginning.






I kissed down my mothers chest slowly, my mouth finding each nipple. She moaned lightly as my tongue flicked over them. I could tell that she was enjoying every moment of this. I was just about to go further with her, when the phone began to ring.


“Don’t” I began to say, leaning up and kissing her on the neck and making my way up to her ear, “you dare,” i continued, biting her ear lobe lightly, “answer that phone.”


“Don’t” she began, leaning her head back to help give me room to kiss her. “you dare tell your mother what to do.”


I growled against her neck as she answered the phone and brought it up to her ear. I began to grind my pussy against her lap and grabbed one of her nipples between my fingers. She had to fight with everything she had not to moan into the phone.


“Hello,” she asked the person in the other line, “I actually do not know if I will be able to make it into the office today. My daughter has not been feeling well and I should stay with her today.”


I let out a little cough to play along with my mother and she smiled big at me. I could see the passion, love and desire in her eyes, along with all the lust she had been feeling for me. It made my heart beat incredibly fast.


“Well,” she sighed into the phone, “I guess I will be there as soon as I can.”


She hung up her phone and leaned her head toward me with a frown. Then after a minute she got a look on her face, showing she had an idea. I was curious and sure I was going to like her idea.


“Mama has an idea,” I laughed in a sexy manner, kissing her neck once again, “you gonna tell me what it is?”


“Well,” she smiled up at me, pulling me to the side so I was sitting next to her. I gave her a pouty lip and she leaned over and kissed it. I could not help but smile again. “I was thinking that you could come into work with me for the few hours I need to be there. You could keep me company, tease me a little for when we get home tonight.”


“That sounds like fun,” I laughed, lifting her hands up and tangling our fingers together. I lifted one of her fingers to my mouth and sucked it in. Rolling my finger over it and then slowly sliding it out of my mouth. “I am there.”





I loved now more then ever that my mom was a business woman. I was not sure what she did specifically but I knew that she helped maintain new clients for the company. Her job was very important. She would pick clients up from the airport, she would be their tour guide for the city and she would show them a good time. Sounded like a pretty awesome job if you ask me.


“Here we are,” my mother said in a proud voice as we entered her office. It was the size of a large classroom or something like that. You would expect to see really high end people in these kind of offices. Then I really took a look at our lives and realized, we were pretty high end. There was never something I could not have because we could not afford it.


“I can’t believe this is your office,” I said kind of jealous. I hoped that one day I would be able to be the kind of woman that my mother was. I was learning more and more though out this weekend just how amazing she really was.


“Yep, this is it.” She said with a happiness in her voice. I realized that I had never been to her office and she had been working here for fifteen years. It made me a little sad that this was the first time, that I could remember anyways.


“So what is it that you have to do today.” I asked her as I took a seat in her big comfy desk chair. I wondered how much time she actually spent sitting in this thing, and how much time she spent outside of her office, showing people a good time.


“I am supposed to meet with a new client,” she said seeming unhappy about it. “This man who has tons of money to put into our company, but from what I have heard is he is hard to impress.”


“I am sure you will do fine,” I said to her with a smile, just as a man pushed her office door open and walked in. I sat up straight in my mothers chair and shot my mother a worried look. I was not sure if me being here was even okay to begin with.


“Who is this,” the man asked looking over at me. He looked me up and down, at least the parts of me that he could see, smiling just a little.


“This Max,” My mother began, moving over to my side, “Is my business associate, Olivia.”


I stood up from where I was sitting and reached my hand out to him. He took it firmly in his own and shook it. He then looked back over to my mother. “What do you need her for?” He asked.


I pretended to look a little saddened by his question, but I understood where it was coming from. If he was the boss, he needed to know these things.


“Well,” she began, pulling a folder from the side of her desk and opening it. She sat down on the desk, setting the folder over her neatly crossed legs. “from what I heard, Mr. Johnson is a tough one to win over, so I thought I would bring reinforcements.”


“Reinforcements,” he said under his breath, looking back over at me. “Well, good idea Porter.”


I had never heard anyone call my mom by her last name. I supposed I had never been to work with her before, but it was still weird. My gym coach called me Porter, I never liked it then either.


Max left the office and my mother turned to me and laughed. I could not help but laugh as well. I had never seen my mother this full of life, nor have I ever seen her smile as much as she had done since what happened yesterday. I was glad that I could put a smile on her face.


My mother worked her way over to me and kissed me softly on the lips. I pushed against her, licking my tongue alone the lining between her lips. She parted them lightly for me and I let it slip in. Our tongues dances so beautifully together, it was like art.


“Miss Porter,” A voice came over the speaker of the phone on her desk. “There is a Mr. Jack Williams here to see you.”


My mother pulled away from me, giving me one last smile before hitting a button on the phone. “Go ahead and send him in Sandy.” She said, turning back to me for a split moment before the door opened.


Both of our heads turned towards the door as what seemed like the more amazing looking older man I had ever seen walked in. He had to be in his late forties to early fifties. He had dark hair that was slightly graying on the side. He was like a mix or Robert Downey Jr and George Clooney. Just looking at him made my pussy drip into my panties.


“Mr. Williams,” My mother said in an enthusiastic voice as she got up and walked over to him. She took his hand and shook it firmly. “It is so wonderful to finally meet you, my name is Tabitha Porter and this is my associate Olivia.”


Mr. Williams shook her hand and nodded over at me. “Nice to meet you both.” He said with a smile. I watched him look me over, the parts of me he could see with me still being behind the desk. He smiled at me and I knew that he was interested.


He then turned his attention to my mother and looked her over. I could tell that he was quite pleased with the way my mother looked. I couldn’t blame him, my mother was definitely an amazing site.


“Alright,” He said moving over to the couch in my moms office, “so what are you going to do to convince me to be with your company. So far I am finding that no one had what I want.”


He sat down on the couch and leaned back. He placed his arms over the length of the back of the couch and crossed his legs. He looked over at us with a smile, one that said, I am ready to leave unless you give me a good reason not to.


“Well,” My mother began looking down at me. She gave me a devilish smile and I was worried for a moment. “My associate Olivia was just telling me what we could offer you.” She smiled over at him and then back at me. “Why don’t you tell him Olivia.”


I shallowed hard and looked up at my mother confused. I had no idea what I was supposed to say or do in this situation. Why had she done this to me? Then I looked up at her and she winked at me and then licked her lips. It was in that moment that I knew exactly what she had planned. My pussy throbbed at the idea and I was right on with the game.


Getting up from the chair at the desk, I walked over to the door to my mothers office and locked it. I then turned back to them, shooting glances from my mother to Mr. Williams. I leaned against the door for a moment and then made my way back to the desk and leaned against the edge of it, next to my mother.


“From what we have heard,” I began, trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about. “You are a very hard man to please Mr. Williams.”


He nodded his head and gave me a curious look. I could tell that he had no idea what was about to happen here, but he would know soon enough.


“What I think the problem is,” I smiled, walking forward and standing in front of my mother. I leaned forward, pressing my ass against her. “No one has really taken the time to give you what you really want.”


Mr. Williams perked up on the couch. Looking me and my mother over with lust in his eyes. I could tell that he wanted more. I was not sure what I was supposed to do, but I was pretty good at thinking things through off the top of my head.


“Isn’t that right Mr. Williams?” I asked leaning back up and pressing my body against my mother. She wrapped her arms around me and began to run her hands up my stomach until she reached my breasts and cupped them both in her hands. I let out a light moan.


“Right,” he said with a shaky yet excited voice. I knew that we had this one in the bag, but we were going to have to do more then this to keep it there.


I lifted my head back and turned it toward my mother. She looked down at me and pressed her lips against mine. I could feel my body getting weak in her arms but she held me up. My legs shook and I never wanted to pull away from her.


The kiss lasted a good long while, before my mother pulled away. Both of our eyes travelled back to Mr. Williams who was sitting up and lightly rubbing the outside of his pants. I smiled at him and licked my lips.


My mother grabbed the sides of my shirt and pulled it up over my head, leaving me in just my skirt and my bra. I had no put any panties on today, and I was glad now that I hadn’t. She tossed my shirt aside and began to run my breasts through my bra. I moaned lightly every time they passed over my nipples.


Mr. Williams got up from the couch and walked over to us. I could see the bulge in his pants, and my pussy got even more soaked. I wanted to feel that cock inside of me while I ate my mothers soaking pussy.


Once he was in front of me, I dropped down to my knees. He moved his hands and allowed for me to undo his pants. I reached in and to my surprise he had no boxers or anything on. All I found inside his pants was a hard cock.


I pulled the cock free from his pants and wrapped my hand around it. He moaned lightly and grabbed a hold of the side of the desk. My mother stepped beside him and pulled him down into a long kiss.


As their lips met each others, my lips met the head of his cock. He let out a moan against my mothers lips as I flicked my tongue over it. He pushed lightly against me so I took more of his cock into my mouth.


Wrapping my mouth as much as I could around his cock, I licked and sucked on it. It was my first cock in my mouth, so I could only go by what I had seen in movies. By the sounds that he was making, I felt like I was doing a pretty good job.


I grabbed his balls in my hand as he began to thrust against my mouth. Fucking his cock as far as he could into my mouth. I gagged a few times, but soon got used to his 8 inch cock deep in my mouth. It was so amazing, I wanted to have every inch of it in my mouth, and by the juices of my pussy running down my leg, I could tell my pussy wanted every inch of it as well.


“Okay babygirl,” he said to me, pulling my mouth away from his cock. I let out a slight whine, trying to get back to his cock. He leaned down and brought me to a standing position. “I want to be able to do much more and you are making it feel way to good.”


I smiled at him and nodded. That was when he pulled me up onto the edge of the desk and sat me down. He reached down between my legs and let his fingers find my soaking wet pussy. My mom watched with a smile on her face and moved over to my side.


Once he found my pussy, he began to run his big fingers over my clit. I moaned loudly and leaned myself back onto my hands. That made him want more so he ran his fingers over the length of my pussy. Soon he had his finger pushing slowly into me. I pushed back against him, trying to take it all.


“You want it deep huh babygirl,” He asked me with a smile. “I can give it to you deeper then you ever thought.”


Just then he leaned me all the way back onto the desk. He pushed his fingers in and out of me a little more before positioning her cock right at the entrance of my pussy.


“Mmm, yes,” my mother moaned, reaching up and grabbing her tits in her hands. I reached over the moved one of them, feeling her nice firm tit beneath my hand.


With one thrust he shoved his entire cock inside my dripping wet pussy. I let out a scream and grabbed my mothers breast tight. She let out moan.


“You wanted it all babygirl,” he said with a growl, “you wanted all of my big dick in that small pussy of yours and now you have it.”


He began to thrust in and out of my pussy, fucking me harder then I ever could have imagined. I screamed in pleasure every time his cock got all the way inside of me. He growled with every thrust like an animal, this only made me that much more wet.


“Oh yes,” I screamed, “fuck me, fuck my tight young pussy with your big hard cock. Oh my god yes, fuck me.”


Mr. Williams turned his attention to my mother and said something to her that I could not understand. It was not until my mother pulled her skirt up revealing her pussy and climbed up onto the desk, that I understood what was going on. It was as if Mr. Williams had read my mind.


My mother sat herself down onto my face and I pushed my tongue against her clit as he fucked me harder and faster. I was hit my and orgasm that made my entire body shake. I screamed into my mothers pussy which caused her to moan loudly.


Once my orgasm had settled down a bit, I began to lick and suck the folds of my mothers pussy. She moaned loudly as I licked up all of her juices. Mr. Williams continued to shove his hard big cock inside of my soaking wet pussy. I could feel my juices running down my ass.


I moved my tongue to the entrance of my mothers pussy and shoved it as deep as I could inside of her. She moaned loudly and began to grind against my mouth. I moaned against her pussy, which in turn made her moan even louder.


“Yes baby,” she screamed, grabbing ahold of her tights. “Lick mommy’s pussy, yes lick it good baby.”


I felt his thrusts get harder, pushing into me to the point where it hurt. Strangely that pain was enough to send me into another orgasm.


As my orgasm hit me, I reached up and grabbed my mothers hips, pulling her pussy tight against my tongue as I fucked her pussy with it.


“Yes, make mommy cum,” She moaned as I screamed off my orgasm into her dripping wet pussy. “Yes baby, mama is cumming, oh fuck.”


My mother shook on top of me as her orgasm hit her. I licked up all the juices that were sliding out of her pussy and down my tongue. She tasted so absolutely amazing.


“I’m gonna cum,” Mr. Williams moaned, thrusting hard into me. “Where do you want me to cum ladies?”


My mother turned around and sat lightly on the stomach. Watching him ram into me. She reached down and spread the lips of my pussy. “Cum all over her sweet young pussy.”


He nodded and pulled his cock out of me, wrapping his hand around it and stroking it a few more times. Cum quickly began to shoot out of his hard cock, landing all over my dripping wet pussy. It seemed like he had been cumming forever before it stopped hitting my skin.


“Lick it up,” I heard him demand, my heart already racing fast enough. With that my mother leaned down and began to run her tongue over my cum over pussy ……






Disclaimer : I own nothing to do with Buffy or any other show that may be mentioned. I did not create the characters that are mentioned here, nor do I take credit for them. That is property of Joss Wheden and whoever else. So No Suing me.


10:30 PM

Andrew stomped his feet as he walked to the basement. He tended to be very childish at a times, which really bothered everyone else. Today he had been more of a bother then he was worth and Buffy sent him to sleep in the basement. The basement was where the outcasts were sent, which is why Spike was always down there.

“What the bloody hell do you want?” Spike asked rolling over on his cot. He reached for a cigarette out of the pocket of his leather jacket that was hanging on the wall and placed it between his lips.

“Buffy said I have to sleep with you tonight,” Andrew said as he sat on the end of Spikes cot, which did not please Spike to well. Spike moaned annoyingly as he lit his cigarette.

“Slumber party,” Andrew cheered a little too excitedly, “We could tell ghost stories.”

Spike sat himself up on the end of the bed and looked Andrew dead in the eye. “You ever hear the one about the Vampire who didn’t like it when people sat on his cot?”

Andrew perked up and leaned in towards Spike. “No,” he said, not getting to what Spike was hinting at, “Do you think Buffy will let me up to make popcorn, these stories are so much better with popcorn.”

Spike rolled his eyes at Andrew and laid back down. Not wanting to bother with the boy any longer then he had to. “There is a blanket by the dryer, make yourself comfy there, and I mean there, no crawling into bed with me in the middle of the night when you get all scared like.”

“I don’t get scared,” Andrew said in a sure voice, “I am a grown man, we don’t get scared.” Though Andrew himself as well as Spike knew, that as soon as it was pitch black out, Andrew would get his knickers in a bunch.

12:00 PM

Spike had not moved his eyes from the ceiling in a while. He thought about getting out for some fresh air but ol’ Buffy would sure have a fit about that. He was not supposed to leave the basement, not until she was sure he was entirely safe. She must not like Andrew to well if she was willing to test him with the boy.

“Spike,” Andrew whispered from his corner of the basement, “Spike?”

Spike ignored him, pretending to be asleep. If he let the boy know he was awake he would never shut up and Spike really wanted silence.

“Spike,” Andrew whispered again a few moments later, “Spike are you awake?”

“No” Spike answered him annoyed once again.

“Oh,” Andrew replied.

Spike closed his eyes and hoped that the boy would get the message and go back to sleep. Though Spike knew that would be to easy and he did not have that kind of luck these days.

“Can I tell you a secret,” Andrew asked Spike through the darkness.

“No,” Spike answered.

“Can you at least then tell me some kind of a story,” Andrew asked, that childish tone in his voice.

Spike sighed and rolled over to his side. He knew this was going to be a nightmare of an evening the moment Andrew reached the bottom step of the basement stairs. “What do you need a story for?”

“Well,” Andrew thought about this for a moment, “I need something to occupy my brain so I can fall back asleep. I figured a story aught to do the trick.”

“What has your mind so far off laddie,” Spike asked, soon regretting his curiousity. If the boy started talking now about his feeling, he would never stop and Spike would have to stake himself.

“You already told me I cant tell you a secret,” Andrew said in a mocking tone, “but I guess I can forgive you for being so closed minded.”

“Closed minded,” Spike argued, “I am not closed minded, I am as open minded as they come. Shoot, tell me your secret. I can handle it.”

“I really don’t think you can,” Andrew replied, teasing Spike.

“You tell me that secret or I will rip your throat out,” Spike pretended to be angry with the boy.

“No you won’t,” Andrew laughed, “Buffy would kill you if you did, even if I do annoy her sometimes ….. okay all the time.”

“What is your bloody secret,” he asked more impatient this time. Spike had a knack for becoming impatient these days, “If you even have a secret to begin with.”

“I do have a secret,” Andrew said defensively.

“Right,” Spike laughed, “I bet you just made having a secret up.”

“No,” Andrew cried, not liking being teased by Spike, “I do have a secret.”

“Yeah,” Spike smiled, “Prove it.”

“I have,” Andrew stopped himself, he had never told anyone his secret. He was not sure why he was even willing to tell it to Spike. He figured Spike would be cool to tell though, since he did not seem to talk much to the others these days. “I have a crush on Xander.”

Spike felt his mouth drop open just a tad. He was not quite sure if he really heard what he thought he heard. He was for sure the boy said he had a crush on Xander. That had to be wrong, he had to have said something else. Sure Spike always got a sense that Andrew was gay, he was sure everyone else sensed it to, but no one liked Xander. You had to be a demon to want to be with that boy.

“Xander,” Spike asked raising an eyebrow, “you have a crush on Xander? As is Xander Harris? As in I will never be a solider Xander Harris?”

“Yeah,” Andrew admitted, “he is so dreamy.”

“Bloody dreamy my arse,” Spike began, “he is nothing but a kid who thinks that he is some badass because he dated a demon and works construction. He is far from being a real man.”

“Who would be a real man,” Andrew asked.

“Well,” Spike began, feeling his tongue get caught in his throat, “I am what you would call a real man.”

“Buffy said,” Andrew began.

“Buffy said what,” Spike asked, not giving Andrew a chance to finish, “Buffy is just jealous that she could never be with a real man like me. Takes a lot of guts to be with a real man.”

“I have guts,” Andrew blurted out.

“Is that a fact,” Spike asked, flicking on a small light that was above his head. He used it when he wanted the dim effect in the basement, almost made it feel homey in a way. “What makes you think you could handle a real man?”

“Well,” Andrew thought about this for a moment, “I am, well I, I just have the guts okay.”

Spike laughed as he looked Andrew over and then stopped when he got a lump in his throat. He was not thinking what he thought he was thinking was he? Andrew was an annoying little thing who annoyed him on a regular basis. Spike shook his head trying to get the thoughts to go away.

“You ever think I will get to be with a real man like you Spike,” Andrew asked with wonder in his voice.

Spike felt the hair on his arms stick up. How was this boy getting to him this way. This was not the way Spike generally felt. Besides, he was in love with Buffy and Andrew was not in his league. But he is so young and warm and juicy.

“I guess it will never happen,” Andrew said reluctantly and laid back down.

“Wait,” Spike began but stopped himself.

“What,” Andrew asked, looking up over at Spike with curious eyes.

“You want to know what it is like to be with a real man,” Spike asked, feeling like he might regret this in the long run.

Andrew sat up quickly. He looked Spike over with curious eyes once again. He had a gut feeling as to what was going to happen, but he did not believe it. Just because he had played this idea in his head a million times over, didn’t mean it would actually happen.

“Your,” Andrew began, “Not going to bite me and make me into a vampire are you, because I don’t want to be a vampire, I want to be a Jedi Warrior or Spock, I would love to be Spock.” Andrew paused for a slight second to think before continuing, “Does Spock have to bite me to make me one of him?”

Spike moved over to Andrew and placed a finger over his lips. Spike was done for the boy to be talking about things such as Spock and other nerdy things like that.

“You know,” Spike laughed, lowering his cold body against Andrew’s. “You do an awful lot of talking for a human in your position.”

Without giving Andrew the ability to talk anymore, Spike pressed his lips hard against Andrews. At first Andrew struggled away from the kiss but then soon gave into it.

“Oh my god,” Andrew said out loud, pulling slightly away from Spike. “Did you know you are kissing me?”

“Shut up,” Spike growled at Andrew, pressing himself harder against him.

Spike pushed his tongue into Andrew’s mouth and Andrew moaned, moving his tongue around Spikes. Everything about Spike was cold and Andrew loved it.

Andrew, feeling himself get brave, began to pull at Spike’s black shirt. Spike was liking the braveness in the boy and lifted his arms for his shirt to come off of his body. To Andrew’s amazement, Spike was, well he was prefect. He was pale and buff and eveything you could want from a sexy vampire.

Spike pulled Andrew up and took of his shirt as well and began to pull down Andrew’s pajama bottoms. Not really paying attention to what Andrew was wanting. Once Andrew was naked, Spike began to kiss around Andrew’s neck and back. He had turned Andrew away from him, not sure why specifically.

“This is going to hurt isn’t it,” Andrew whispered, looking back at Spike. “I mean I am okay if it hurts, I just want to know if it is going to hurt or not.”

“Yeah pet,” Spike growled, “it is going to hurt, but your a man with guts remember.”

Andrew nodded his head and pushed back into Spike who was now dropping out of his pants. Once he was naked, Andrew could see his fully erect penis. It had to be around seven inches long and two inches thick. Andrew felt a little bit of panic but took a deep breath, forcing the panic to subside.

Spike pulled Andrew over to the dryer and bent him over it. Andrew’s ass pushing back against Spike’s hard cock. This made Spike’s blood boil.

Spike spit on his hand and down onto his cock, making it as wet as he could for what he was about to do. He knew this was going to hurt Andrew, but at the moment he did not care, Andrew didn’t seem to care either.

“You body is so warm,” Spike moaned as he ran his wet fingers across Andrew’s ass, getting it nice and ready to accept his cock.

Spike grabbed a hold of Andrew’s side and slowly pushed the tip of his cold hard cock against Andrew’s tiny little bud. Andrew let out a slight whimper as Spike pushed the head into his ass. Spike stopped for a moment, to let Andrew get used it. Before Spike could continue, Andrew pushed back against Spike’s cock.

Spike did not move, he waited until Andrew had all of his cock deep into his ass. Once Spike knew that Andrew was a little more relaxed, he began to pull out slowly. Once he pulled half of his cock out, he pushed it a little more quickly back in.

Andrew let out a moan and pushed back against Spike as Spike pushed himself back into Andrew. Spike growled into Andrew’s ear, pulling him hard down onto his cock. He then began to pull out and push into Andrew in a steady motion.

“Oh my god yes,” Andrew moaned. “This is better then Spock. Okay well maybe not better then Spock but this is right up there in the category of Spock.”

“Will you shut up,” Spike moaned into Andrew’s ear as he began to fuck him harder and faster in the ass. “Spock is a stupid fictional character.”

“How dare y….” Andrew began, before he was cut off by his own screams of pleasure. He grabbed a hold of his cock and began to stroke it quickly. The pre-cum dripping off the tip helped to lubricate it.

“Fuck,” Spike growled loudly throwing his head back, “You ready for this one pet, you man enough?”

“Yes,” Andrew moaned, “I am ready, let me have it.”

Spike pushed hard long thrusts into Andrew, getting ready to shoot his load deep into the boys ass. “I am gonna cum.”

“Yes,” Andrew moaned, stroking his cock harder, right on the verge of his own orgasm. “Bite me.” He screamed, “Bite me.”

Right as Spike’s orgasm hit him, he dug his teeth into Andrew’s neck. He could not help but suck the blood from his body. Spike could feel Andrew’s orgasm through the way his blood rushed down his throat.

Andrew’s body shook as a long stream of cum shot from his cock, hitting the dryer and running down the side.

Spike retracted his teeth and pulled his mouth away from Andrew. He then slowly pulled his throbbing cock out of Andrew’s ass. Moving to his bed, Spike sat down and worked to regain control of himself.

“I had you figured wrong pet,” Spike smiled, laying back against the bed. “You are more man then I give you credit for.”

Andrew lowered himself to his bed on the floor, his fingers feeling over the two holes in his neck. He then looked up at Spike, a weak smile on his face, which is all that his body could muster up. “Well ..” Andrew began as he laid his head against his pillow. “I guess that was better then thinking about Spock doing it.”

Well I guess that I should start off by telling you about myself. My name is Monroe and I am nineteen years old. I have long brown hair that hangs in curls down to the lower part of my back. If I straighten it, it very well is almost to the point where it will reach my ass. To go along with my brown hair, I have what people tend to tell me are the biggest, brightest blue eyes they have ever seen. My eyes are generally what get the first compliment. I stand about 5’10’’ and weight about 160 pounds. I am not fat by any means, but I am not super model skinny either. I have a healthy sized body and I am far from ashamed of it. I have 34C sized breasts with perfectly perky nipples, always been my favorite part of my body. Along with what I think are amazing tits, I have a neatly trimmed, well kept, tight virgin pussy. Or well, I had a tight virgin pussy …. and that is where my story begins.

I locked the bathroom door and sat down in the shower. I had to get away from the drunken fight I was having with my boyfriend. I had moved in with him a month ago, against the warnings from my family. They told me that he was no good and was only going to cause me trouble. I did not believe them, like most young girls in love, so I moved in with him.

For the first three weeks or so were wonderful. We spent time together. We took turns cooking dinner and picking what we were going to watch on television that night and we got to cuddle every night as we fell asleep. Everything was going perfect until a few days ago when the topic of sex came up. I told him that I was not ready to have sex yet, and he so far has not been happy with that. Tonight he came home drunk and started screaming, so now here I am locked in the bathroom.

I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and called up my brother Myles. I had not talked to him in what felt like forever. He moved out of the house when he turned 18, which was six years ago. So now he was 24.

“Hello,” I heard a tired voice answer on the other end. I then realized that it was after one in the morning and I had probably woke him up. “Hello?” He asked once again.

“Myles,” I whispered into the phone quietly, I did not want Harper to hear me from the other side of the door. He was mad enough, I did not need to give him something else to scream at me for. “Myles,” I whispered again, “it Monroe.”

“Monroe,” he sighed relief into the phone, then his voice got nervous, “sweetie, why are you calling me at one in the morning?”

“I was,” I paused, I did not want to tell him why I was calling, but I knew that I had no other choice. “It just mom and dad are not talking to me because I moved in with a guy that they hate, but now that guy that they hate is really starting to scare me, and I kind of need a place to come and stay. I know you live like four hours away, but I can walk to the bus station and catch a bus if I can come stay with you.”

“Don’t be silly,” he said into the phone. I was starting to get worried. What if he told me that I could not come and stay with him, and that he was going to get off the phone. Panic took me over and I felt tears starting to form behind my eyes. “give me your address roe, I will be there as quickly as I can.”

I gave him my address and some directions and then we hung up the phone. I felt slightly relieved but realized I had gotten to the hardest part of all. I had to figure out how to pack up some things and get out of the house without Harper noticing.

I slowly opened the door to the bathroom and peaked out. Walking quietly toward the living room I heard strange voices, it must of been the television. Upon entering the livingroom, I could see the back of Harpers head and over it was a view of the television. It was playing some porno of this blond chick getting fucked hard up the ass by this huge black cock. It was enough to make my pussy pulse from the pain I imagined she was feeling.

Looking down I noticed that Harper had fell asleep in his chair with his dick in his hand. I made a sour face at how much in that moment I had hated him. I could not longer see what it was that made me like him in the first place, and I was not going to sit around and try to figure it out.

I walked slowly to the room, grabbed two of my suitcases and filled them with whatever I could. I packed all my clothes and shoes into the large one and all my little important things into the smaller one. I then slowly snuck past him in his chair and out the front door. I knew it would not be another two – three hours until Myles got her, but I would rather wait by the road then in the house.

I was nearly falling asleep on the side of the road when a car pulled up beside me. I was not sure if it was Myles or not but I was hopeful. To my relief it was him. He got out of the car and without saying anything, grabbed my things and put them in the trunk. I could not see him all that well because it was dark but I could tell that he had changed.

Myles stood at about 6’3’’ inches and I estimated by looking at him that he weighed around 200 pounds or so. He looked well built and had one of those tall dark and handsome looks. We come from a line of italians, though you would never guess that about us, but he was pulling it off well.

“Get in,” he said opening the passenger door for me. He did not seem all that happy, but I climbed into the car and buckled my seatbelt. He then climbed back into the passenger seat, buckled up and headed back to the highway.

We drove for what felt like hours before he spoke to me. “Did he hurt you?” He asked in a calm and collected voice. I shook my head no and he let out a sigh of relief. I wondered if he had spent the last hour deciding on what he was going to do had Harper hurt me.

“Good,” he responded, eyes going back to the highway as we continued on to his home. After another few hours, we pulled into the driveway of an apartment complex. He got out without saying a word, so I did the same. Grabbing my things he led me down to the end apartment. It was nice, it was a single story apartment which meant you did not have to worry about people above or below you.

Setting my things down by the front door, he helped me all the way in and then shut the door behind me. He looked absolutely tired and to be honest, I was exhausted as well.

“I only have the one bed, but you can sleep in there with me tonight until we get things figured out.” He said pointing towards the bedroom. “I have a bathroom in there and then one at the end of the hallway. If you want to go to the one at the end with your stuff and get ready you can. I am going to go get ready in my bathroom, since that is where all my things are okay?”

I nodded my head at him and began to go through my suitcase. I grabbed what I needed and walked down to the end of the hall. I was slightly worried that I was really not welcome here. Myles had barely said anything to me and I had only spoke like one or so words since he had picked me up. I was starting to feel that maybe this was a bad idea.

Once I was done getting ready I walked toward his room. I stopped at the open door and looked in. He was already under the covers in bed. He looked up at me and smiled. It was the first time I had seen him smile since he had picked me up. I could not help but smile back over at him.

He pulled the covers back and I stepped towards him. I was a little hesitant, but I crawled into bed with him. I pulled the covers up over me and laid my head against the pillow, within a minute, I was asleep.


When I opened my eyes the room was dark. I had not gone to sleep until nine or so in the morning, so I figured I was going to end up sleeping a good amount of time. I looked around to see if I could find a clock and when I did, it flashed that it was eight twenty seven. I rolled around to see if I was the only one only to notice that Myles was still laying next to me asleep as well.

I laid there looking him over. He had changed so much since I had last seen him. When he left, he was this chubby geeky boy and now he was this amazing looking man. I almost could not believe that it was my big brother laying in front of me.

I almost jumped when his eyes flicked open, but I caught myself. I gave him a sweet smile and he smiled back at me. He then turned over and looked at the clock, he growled lightly when he realized what time it was. He then rolled back over to face me. He took a deep breath and then wrapped himself more into the covers.

“So tell me why you and this boyfriend were fighting,” he said in a curious voice, looking me deep in the eyes. “It had to be something big for you to run away like that.”

“It was,” I started but paused. I was not even sure how to talk about this with my big brother, but he deserved to know after he had gone out of his way to help me out. “We were fighting about sex.”

“Sex?” he asked with a questioning tone, “What about sex? Wanted to try new things and you wanted to keep things simple, or did you want to try new things and he wanted to keep things simple?”

I frowned at Myles and felt myself blush just a little bit. “It was just trying it at all. I am well you know. And Harper has bragged about all these women he had been with and I … I just didn’t want to become another one of those women. I wanted my virginity to go to someone who loved me, not just someone who thinks it will be sexy or hot to pop my cherry.”

I stopped talking with a feeling like I had said way to much. How was he supposed to respond to such a thing?

“Well then you had a right to leave,” he said with a big smile on his face, which confused me even more then I was at this moment in time. “You should give it to someone who wants it, someone who knows how to treat an amazingly sexy lady such as yourself.”

I did not know what to say to him in that moment but he was right. I needed a man who knew how to treat me and could make losing my virginity worth it. I did not want my virginity to be some trophy for someone to hold onto and show off to other people.

“Yeah,” I said in agreement to him, “to bad guy like that are really hard to find. Even when you think that you found the right guy, you end up being wrong.”

“I think I might know where you might be able to find the right guy,” he responded, “a guy who can treat you like a woman, who can make you feel good and who only cares about your satisfaction, not just his own.”

“Oh yeah,” I laughed, rolling onto my back, “and where might I find this amazing man that you speak of? Fantasyland?”

“Right here,” he said in a serious voice. I felt like he was joking, but I soon realized that he wasn’t. He was referring to himself being that man. My own brother was telling me that he was the man to choose. The man that I should give my virginity to. I was at a loss for words.

“You,” I began, stuttering over my words. “you have to be kidding Myles, you are my big brother. Isn’t that like illegal?”

“In the eyes of some people it is,” he said, keeping the seriousness in his voice. ‘but think about it Roe. You want a man who loves you, I love you. You want a man who will treat your right and with respect, who better then someone who feels that is the only kind of treatment you deserve?”

Before I could respond to him, he pulled me to him and kissed me. I wanted to stop him and tell him no, but my heart begged me not to. The battle between my heart and my head was just beginning but my heart felt like it was the stronger opponent.

It was not long before I gave in and began to kiss him back. My head was up in a cloud and I was far from wanting to come back down to reality.

“Let me be the one to make love to you Monroe.” He whispered in my ear and kissed down along my neck. I did not answer him allowed but I nodded my head in agreement. I would let him make love to me. I trusted that he would take care of me and there was no fear like there generally was.

He pulled himself on top of me and began to pull at my tank top. Once it was over my head, he tossed it to the side and then continued to kiss around my neck. He worked his way from my neck to my collar bone as his hand found one of my breasts. He held it softly in his hand and caressed the nipple with his finger. I let out a moan and that caused him to grasp my nipple a little tighter.

“Oh my god,” I moaned under my breath. He moaned against me that he was pleased and that made my entire body tingle beneath him. He seemed to like that, for he ran his over hand over the part of my body that had gotten goose bumps.

He then worked his mouth down to my breasts and kissed around them, while his now free hand pulled at my pajama bottoms. He got them down to my knees before I lifted my legs to help him get them all the way off. He tossed them aside with my shirt, leaving me now naked under him. The only thing now keeping up apart where his boxers, but I fixed that as I slipped them off of him.

I looked down at his fully erect cock. Based on my estimation, it was around 6 1/2 to 7 inches, which to some people may not seem like a lot, but for this being my first time, it was a little scary. I reached down and after hesitating slightly, I wrapped my fingers around it gently. He let out a deep breath and a soft moan and I knew that I was doing something right.

“Does that feel good,” I asked him being as I was curious and had no clue if he was really liking this or not.

“You have no idea how amazing that feels,” he whispered in my ear as he began to kiss my neck again, working his way across my jaw and back towards my mouth.

“I am ready.” I whispered back to him. “I have never been ready before but I am ready now. I want you to be my first Myles. “

“Monroe,” he said with seriousness in his voice once again. “I am afraid that this is going to hurt you a little. Losing your virginity is not the most pleasurable thing. So if it hurts to much you need to tell me so that I can stop.”

I nodded my head in agreeance. He then pulled himself over me and kissed my hard on the mouth, spreading my legs apart and placing his hard cock against the entrance to my body. I let out a deep breath and nodded to him that I was ready.

He pushed in slowly with one thrust and burst through my hyman. I let out a scream as he pushed all the way inside of me. He then stopped and looked down at my now tear filled eyes. He had a scared and worried look on his face.

“Are you okay,” he began, “do you want me to stop, please let me know Roe, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I am okay,” I said as my body began to relax. I knew that it was going to hurt the first time, so I was expecting the pain. I did not expect it to be that bad, but I knew that it was coming. After a few minutes of us laying there without moving, I began to slowly move my hips, letting him know that I was ready to continue.

He began to slowly push in and out of me, our breathing becoming more heavy and shallow. I held onto his sides, helping keep in perfect rhythm with each other. It was not long before the pain was completely gone and pleasure began to take over my body.

The more he thrust into me, the better it felt, and the closer I became to reaching an orgasm.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, “I am gonna cum Myles, please don’t stop, just like that. Oh my god.”

Myles kept his rhythm and soon my orgasm approached. “Yes oh my, I am cumming,”

Myles began to thrust harder, his body tightening up. “I am gonna cum too Roe. Do you want me to pull out?”

“No,” I moaned as my body shook with my orgasm, “cum in my Myles, please.”

Myles began to thrust harder and his body became completely stiff. I knew that he was cumming and soon I could feel his cum filling me up. It was warm and felt awkward but I enjoyed every second. It was enough to cause me to have another orgasm.

After a few minutes of laying on top of me, he pulled out and rolled off of me. He curled up against my side and kissed my neck again.

“I love you Monroe,” he said between kissing me.

“I love you too Myles.” I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

“So breakfast,” he laughed, then turned to look at the clock, “or dinner maybe?”



Today was my eighteenth birthday, which had been long awaited. My parents took me out to a fancy dinner and I got to bring my best friend. It was an amazing night, full of good food and laughter. My mother, who tended to drink a little to much was really talkative that evening and asked me a question I never had thought about until that moment.

“Natalie,” my mother began as she took another sip of her wine. I looked over to her and smiled, wondering what it was that she was going to say. “Why is it that at the age of eighteen, you have never brought home a boy or mentioned ever dating a boy?”

I could not believe what I was hearing. My mother was asking me why I had never had a boyfriend. Most parents were glad when their daughters were not around dating a bunch of random boys, but no, not my mother. She wanted to know why I had not dated.

In all honesty, I had not thought about this at all. It was not because of how I looked. I was about five foot seven, one hundred and twenty pounds, I have a 36C chest. Along with my body, I had long wavy red hair that went to the middle of my back and bright green eyes, that stood out behind my olive skin. In most standards, I was a good looking girl. So why hadn’t I had a boyfriend?


That night I laid in bed, looking up at my ceiling. I could not get my mothers question out of my head. I was now just as curious as here as to why I had never never had a boyfriend. I decided to put my brain through a test. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine all of the people I had ever had a crush on. My mind was blank. Had I never had a crush on anyone?

Before I opened my eyes, an image flashed before my eyes. For a minute I did not realize who it was. It was then that the image because clear. “Markus?” I whispered.

I had not seen Markus in two years now. He would be turning twenty here in a few days. On top of being cousins, we were the best of friends. We spent a lot of time together and on my sixteenth birthday, he gave me the gift of my very first kiss. Sadly, that gift was seen by my mother, who moved us far away to get me away from him and his family. This caused a big hole in our family. Over the last two years, I had been able to get move on slowly, but deep down I missed him.

I sat up in my bed, thinking back to when I spent every waking moment with him. I wished my mother would not have gotten so worked up over the situation. We were just a couple of teenagers who were curious, that was something that happened and she had to know that. My mother never being a rational person however, took the easy way out.

I wondered if they still lived in the same house as they did before. What would they do if I just showed up one day out of nowhere? I decided that I was going to find out. I packed a bag, took out all the money from my savings, hopped in my car and headed home, or at least to the town that used to be home.

It took me twos days and one hotel later to get there. I rented another room once I was in the town, because I was scared that even if they were still living here, they would not want me there. I figured that it would be best just to rent a hotel room for a few days.

I then did what I came here to do. I went back to where I used to live. I stayed across the street in my car and waited. I was not sure whether or not they would recognize me, sure it had only been two years, but I had changed quite a bit in that time. I was sure he had as well. Though being as he was about to be twenty, it was possible that he no longer lived there with his parents. It was still something I needed to find out.

After a few hours of watching, I discovered that Markus still lived there, and by sneaking closer, I realized that he was still in the same room. He had the only bedroom that was downstairs. We loved this when we hung out. It meant that if we were going to sneak out or do something we were not suppose to do like watch movies we were allowed or something, it was that much easier.

Did I go knock on the door? Did I leave? What was I to do? I knew that my Aunt and Uncle would send me away if they saw me. I needed to just get to Markus, without going through them. It was then that I decided to sneak into his room that night. I needed to see him, so it was worth whatever risk I was taking.

I drove back to the hotel to get ready for this evening. Hopefully, he remembered who I was.


I got out of my car and slowly crossed the dark street. All the lights were out inside of the house, as well as for the houses on the inside. It was a little odd for a Friday night, but this was a small town and small towns did things like that.

I snuck through the yard and walked up to his window. I could see a small light flickering from the inside, it was coming from a television in the corner. The lights bounced off the walls and lite up the bed slightly. That was when I saw him laying on the bed. He looked like he was about to fall asleep and I almost decided to leave, but I knew that I needed to see him. My head and heart had let me here, so this is where I needed to be.

I stood there for a minute watching him, before lightly knocking on his window. I could see him jump slightly, as he head turned towards me. He hopped out of his bed and opened his window. He looked at me and squinted his eyes slightly. It was dark out and he was not really sure who he was looking at in the moment.

“Can I help you,” he asked with a very confused tone in his voice. He continued to look me over and I could feel my heart beating loudly in my ears.

“Markus,” I said giving him a small smile. “It’s me, Natalie.”

Markus’ face lit up into a huge smile. I could not help but match him with a smile just as amazing. He looked me over a little more before reaching down to help me into his room. Once I was in his room, he shut the window and sat down on the bed.

“You can sit down,” he said tapping the bed beside him. He had the look of a kid in a candy shop and that made me happy. I was worried he didn’t want to see me, but that did not seem to be the case.

I sat down next to him and crossed my legs. I was a little nervous and had no idea what to say. He broke the ice by asking me how I was, and then there was no more weirdness between us. We talked for what felt like hours about our lives since I had moved. I had not realized until just now how much I had truly missed him.

“I am glad that I came,” I finally said smiling at him again. “I have thought about you over the last two years. One little kiss and our parents freak out.”

I noticed that his face had gotten red. He looked down at his feet and then back up to me. “It was not just a kiss to me,” he whispered. “It was, it was so much more then that. I know that we were were young, well teenagers, but I knew then that I loved you.”

I could not believe what it was that I was hearing. He knew back when I still lived here that he was in love with me. There is no way that there was that kind love between us, was there? It was then that I really thought about it. Why was it that I had never had a boyfriend? Why had I pictured him when trying to answer this for myself? Did I know then too as well that I loved him?

“Kiss me,” I blurted out, looking over at Markus. He had a confused look on his face once again, and seemed a little bit scared. I knew that he thought this was a trick and was a little unsure about doing it. “Kiss me, I need to figure something out and in order to do that, you need to kiss me.”

Markus leaned in towards me, but he did not kiss me. He got halfway to me and then pulled away. He was shaking lightly and I knew that I was going to have to do this myself. Before he backed away to far, I pulled him to me and kissed him hard.

As our lips touched, my entire body got excited. It was like I was taken over by this feeling that I had no name for, and no control over. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt and I did not want it to go away.

Markus kissed me back hard, which caused me to fall back against the bed. My head kept telling me to pull away but I only kissed him back that much more. Our lips felt like they were fusing together as our tongues danced together, almost like magic.

“I told you it was love,” he whispered as he pulled back, but didn’t keep his lips away from mine for long. Right after the words were said he began to kiss me again. We kissed for what felt like forever, before I noticed his hand start to go up my shirt. I knew once again that I should pull away, but I wanted to feel his hands against my breasts.

“You are so amazing,” he said to me as he pulled my shirt up over my head. I lay there in from of him, by breasts hiding behind nothing more then a thin lace white bra. My nipples were so hard that you could see them shape of them perfectly through the thin layer of fabric.

His fingers played with my nipple through my bra, before pulling it down to let them free. He continued to play with one nipple with his finger while caressing the other one with his tongue. I could feel my pussy getting so wet. I began to pull at my pants and he happily helped them off of me.

Once mine were off I began to took at getting him out of his clothes as well. As he worked to take off his shirt and pants and boxers, I took off my bra and my panties. Leaving up both laying there naked.

He went back to kissing me, his fingers making his way between my legs. I moaned against his mouth as his finger rolled over my clit. I was about to be sent over the edge, but he then stopped. Moving his lips from my mouth to my ear.

“I want you to be the first,” he whispered into my ear, “I want you to be my first and my only.”

My heart was racing in my chest. I could not answer him verbally, but I nodded at him. I did not give him time to do much else before grabbing his cock and directing it to the entrance of my pussy, which was now dripping wet. I had popped my cherrie long ago with a dildo, so I was more then ready for him.

He slowly pushed the head of his 7in cock inside of me. My body shook and I felt more then amazing. He pushed it slowly in and out a few more times before pushing it all the way inside of me.

“Oh fuck yes baby,” I moaned as his balls slapped against my ass. He took that as a wonderful sign and began to pump his cock in and out of me harder and harder.

I tried not to be to loud but I could not hold it back. I moaned and screamed and loved every second of his cock pushing in and out of me.

“Yes baby,” I moaned as I scratched my fingers down his back, “fuck me baby, make me cum all over your hard cock.”

With that he fucked me harder and faster. I screamed, loving every second of his cock pounding into me. “I am gonna cum baby,” I screamed, wrapping my legs tightly around him waste.

“Oh my god,” he moaned, “so am I.”

“Yes baby, cum inside of me.” I told him as he his thrusts got slower but more powerful. It was then that he let out a load moan and I could feel his cock throb inside of me, feeling me with his cum. As his cum hit the walls of my pussy, my orgasm hit me.

“yes baby,” I screamed, holding him tighter to me, until his cock went limp inside of me. He slowly pulled out and flopped down on the bed beside me.

“I l…” I began before I was cut off by a sound in the hall. “Markus,” a voice called from the hallway. I knew by the sound that it was his mother, she must have heard us.

We both jumped up in a panic. He swung open his closet door and I grabbed my stuff and stepped inside. He shut the door behind me and jumped into his bed. He looked over at the tv and pretended that he was interested in what he was watching as his mother opened the door.

“Is everything okay in here,” she asked him. She stepped in front of the closet to where I could no longer see markus. “I heard strange noises.”

“It must have been the television mom,” he lied to her as his cum dripped down the inside of my legs. “Sometimes it gets pretty loud.”




{February 5, 2011}   Truth Or Dare (Foursome Fun)

My friends invited me out one night after me and my first girlfriend had broken up. I was sixteen and losing my first love felt like it was the end of the world. Being young and dumb, I did not know any better. It took one of the most amazing nights of my life, to realize there was more then what I had out there, and this is that story. (True story of my first time with multiple partners).


I crawled off the couch when I heard a slight knock at my door. It was after eleven pm at night, I had to run to the door to avoid my parents being woken up. They would not be against my having company, they just both worked early and would be angry if they got woke up before their alarm clocks.

I swung the door open to see three of my friends standing there with a bottle of jack in their hands. I smiled and stepped outside to join them. I was in my pajamas, but I did not care, I was only on my front porch.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked them taking the bottle the was being offered to me. I screwed the top off and took a big swig before handing it over to Jenna.

Jenna was one of my best friends. We had known each other since we were little girls and planned on being friends forever. She was taller then me and looked more like the smart science nerd that you would expect her to be. She was like one of the closet freaks, just when you thought she was going to talk about math or something she talks about how great it felt masturbating that morning. There were times when I felt like the information she gave me was way too much.

Underneath the conservative dress the Jenna showed to the world, she had an incredible body. Standing at five foot ten, she weighed around one hundred and thirty pounds and had the most perfect heart shaped ass I had ever seen. Her breasts were about a 34C and they complimented her body wonderfully. I had thought about her many times, but she had always showed all of her interest to boys.

“We thought that we would come to cheer you up.” Hannah laughed as she took a drink from the bottle.

“So we are going to get you drunk and take you bowling.” Hannah was the complete opposite of Jenna. She was short and a little on the chunky side, but in one of those cute sexy ways. She was the girl that had a little extra to hold onto and more to kiss when you were caressing her body with your tongue. She was about five foot six and one hundred and fifty pounds or so. She had large breasts that had to be bad for her back, but they looked good from time to time.

She was also the sweetest person in the whole world. Sure she liked to have fun here and there but she was not very out there with people. She was more on the quiet side and I can’t remember a time when she even mentioned sex in any conversation.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I answered them as I stole back the bottle and took another large sip. I could feel the alcohol being sucked into my blood, causing me to feel a little light headed.

“Let me just go change real quick.”

“Why change?” Stephanie asked, “You look fine just the way you are. Its not like we are all dressed up or anything.”

Stephanie was someone that we had just recently started to hang out with. I did not know her very well, so I can really tell you much about her at that time. She was pretty though. She had long blond hair, perfect tits and a perfect body. She was like a barbie cheerleader who loved to have a good time, which is how she ended up becoming our friend.

“Yeah,” Hannah and Jenna added in. “There is no reason to change. You look fine just the way that you are.”

I looked down at myself and sighed. I decided it was the middle of the night on a wednesday, not many people were going to be out and about, so what was the harm. I opened the door, reached for my jacket and my keys, locked the door and then followed them down to Stephanie’s car.

We drove to the bowling alley and parked near the back. You could not see the back of the parking lot unless you drove around to it and from all of my years partying back here, nobody really ever came back here unless it was to get drunk or do drugs of some sort, so we were okay.

We finished that bottle off between the four of us and talked about our failed relationships. I was surprised to find out that Stephanie had been with a few girls in her past. I did not feel so awkward being the only girl in the car that did not sleep with me. Sure she slept with men but she shared a common interest in woman with me.

“Lets play a game,” Hannah suggested. Stephanie turned and faced all three of us in the car.

“I have an idea. I have a blanket in the trunk, how about we lay it out in front of the car, kick back looking up at the stars and play a friendly game of truth or dare.” Jenna, Hannah and I looked at each other for a few minutes and then nodded our heads. We were all drunk enough to want to have a little fun and what better way to have a little fun then with a game of truth or dare.

We all crawled out of the car while Stephanie set up the blanket in front of the car. We all took a seat, sitting in a sort of circle. We soon all turned our attention to Stephanie.

“Okay,” she laughed at all three of us, “ I guess you all voted and I am going to have to go first. So … Jenna, Truth or Dare?” Jenna thought about her answer for a second and decided to go ahead and start with the easy version of this game. “Truth,” she answered.

“Have you ever wanted to have sex with one of your female friends? If so who?” Stephanie asked her with a sly smile.

Jenna got a little red in the face and looked over to me, “I thought about having sex with you a few times,” she said directly at me. I could not help but smile. She was beautiful and I was honored that someone as beautiful as her wanted to have sex with me, or at least thought about it.

“Wow,” I answered, not being able to fight a smile. I looked Jenna over and wandered why I had never thought about having sex with her before.

“Okay,” Jenna said, quickly changing the subject, “It is my turn, so Hannah. Truth or Dare?”

Hannah had a worried look on her face, letting me know there were things that she did not want any of us to know but she was to scared to say Dare just yet.

“Um,” Hannah said shyly. I could sense her being slightly uncomfortable, but she agreed to play and she knew how this game worked, so I waited for her answer with everyone else.

“Truth,” she said with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“Truth huh?” Jenna said as she thought of something to ask her. She then smiled big and turned her attention back to Hannah.

“How often do you masturbate?” All of our faces turned quickly to Hannah, all of us a little to curious to get the answer to the question just asked.

“Um,” Hannah began, he face turning a little red. “Probably once or twice a week.”

“Way to go Hannah,” I said giving her a high five, trying to lighten up the situation. “Who knew you had it in you?”

“Alright Gretchen,” Stephanie said, bringing the game along and trying to not get to far off from it. It almost felt as though she was wanting something from all of this. “It is your turn my dear.” I knew that it was my turn and that besides me, Stephanie was the only one that had not be selected, so it was obvious that I was going to select her. “Fine, Stephanie, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” Stephanie said without giving it any thought. I opened my mouth slightly as if I were shocked, but in all honesty, I kind of expected it to go that way.

“I dare you,” I began, looking around from Stephanie to Jenna and then over the Hannah, trying to come up with the first good dare.

“I dare you to get naked, and stay naked the rest of the game.”

“Oh that is easy,” She said with a laugh as she stood up and stripped out of her clothes. I could not help but look over her beautiful body, my eyes glancing more then once and her amazing tits and her perfectly trimmed pussy. I wanted to run my tongue along it so bad, but I kept myself under control.

“Your turn Hannah,” Stephanie said as she sat back down, naked and beautiful as ever. My eyes not wanting to break contact with her body.

“Well I guess I have to pick Gretchen,” She said smiling over to me, causing me to break my eye lock with Stephanie and I was slightly grateful. “Truth or Dare girl?” She asked me.

“Dare,” I said without thinking. I was not going to let Stephanie top me in this game. If she was going to play with only dare, so I am. Hannah was not expecting that. I think she was expecting me to say truth and bring back the game to a safe place where she wanted to be, but I wanted to play Stephanie’s game, not Hannah’s.

“Fine,” she said looking a little angry at me, wanting to throw me off.

“I dare you to eat out Stephanie.” You could hear the silence that took over. It was like ever the trees and the wind got quiet. I looked from Hannah to Stephanie and then to Jenna to make sure that I had heard her correctly. Then I looked back at Stephanie. I was nervous, but I was not going to be the person that backed down and I wanted to do it so bad anyways.

“Now this is getting fun,” Stephanie said leaning back onto her hands and spreading her legs, showing off her beautiful pink pussy to me. My mouth was watering and I crawled forward to her, forgetting about the other girls that were around me.

“But I dare you as well,” Stephanie added in, “To do it naked like me.” I smiled up and her and then stood up. I slowly stripped my clothes off and tossed them to the side. The wind was cold against my skin which made my burning hot pussy stand out on my body. I then got back down on my knees in front of Stephanie.

She gave me a look of approval as I kissed the top of her pussy lightly. I heard her take a short deep breath, which made me want so much more. Spreading her lips apart, I pressed my lips lightly against her clit and let my tongue barely slide out over it. She moaned as my wet tongue hit her beautiful clit. I laid down on my stomach and slid my arms under her legs, pulling her pussy into my mouth.

“Oh my god,” Hannah said in shock. “I did not think you were really going to do it, you can stop now.” I could hear in her voice that she was nervous and not sure if she could handle this, but I could not pull away from the warm wet pussy that was beneath my mouth, so I kept licking her clit.

“No,” Stephanie moaned in pleasure, “Don’t you dare stop!”

“Yeah,” I heard Jenna’s voice come from behind me. “Please don’t stop, this is so hot.” I buried my face further into her pussy, lapping my tongue over her swelling pussy. Her moans making me move my tongue faster and suck harder when I sucked it up into my mouth. Within seconds, I had slid a finger inside of her, causing her to scream out in pleasure.

“Yes Gretchen,” she moaned loudly, “Fuck that finger into my pussy. Yes baby, fuck….”



{February 5, 2011}   Living w/daddy (a series of love)


Six months ago, my mother passed away. She was all that I had in this world and I was devastated. I kept living in her boyfriends house where we had been but even that was not going to last forever. I was sixteen and the state said that I was to go live with the closest blood relative that I had over the age of twenty five. That sucked even worse because I was hoping to go live with Aaron, my older brother but he was only twenty three. I asked if I could stay with my mothers boyfriend until I was old enough to be on my own. He said it was fine by him, that he would take care of me, but they told me that I couldn’t do that either.

We were just about to reach the seven month mark to my mothers death when my case worker got in contact with me. It was the middle of June and she said it was time for me to move. I did not know of any close relatives and they had not informed me that they had found one, so I was a little shocked by the news.

“Who is it that I am going to live with?” I asked, more curious then I was angry that I had to move.

“Why, your father of course,” she answered as if I was supposed to already know the answer.

I had not seen my father since I was nine years old nor did I want to see him now. He left my mother to pursue a music career that soon backfired. By then my mother was already with Tim, the boyfriend that I was living with now. He did not like that, so he took off and we never heard form him again. Now I was supposed to go live with this guy like everything was all fine and dandy?

“Isn’t there anyone else?” I begged into the phone. I did not want to go live with this man that I did not know anymore. I wanted to stay here, with Tim, living only a few miles away from my older brother.

“I am sorry dear,” she said with a monotone voice, showing she really did not care, “but until you are eighteen years old, there is no other option for you at this time.

She told me that I needed to get packed and that she would pick me up to take me to the airport in the morning. I thought hard about running away but I was not the kind of girl to do that. Tim and my brother would worry about me and Tim knew better then to lie if he knew where I was. So this was my future. I was headed to live with a man that I hated and wanted nothing to do with me. My year could not get any worse and it was going to suck until the day I turn eighteen.


Gina, my case worker was at my house bright and early like she had promised. I wanted to punch her in the face for making me do this but I knew it was not her fault. She was just doing her job and she had no control over where I ended up. Though she could have fought on my side a little harder in my opinion.

“You promise to call me every night,” my brother said in a heart broken tone. He had been more angry then me about me having to leave. He was seven years older then me though, which made him sixteen when our dad had left. He hated our father more then me and he was pissed that I had to leave.

“Of course,” I said wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging him tightly, “I will call you every single night and twice on Sunday.”

I then turned my attention to Tim. I ran up to him and hugged him tightly as well. He had been a second father to me for almost seven years and I was going to miss him just as much. He had taken care of me and been my family. It felt like on top of my mother, I was losing every other person that was important to me. I felt like my heart was ripping from my chest.

Not saying another word, I put my things in the trunk of Gina’s car and crawled into the backseat. She told me I could sit up front with her but I did not want to even have to look at her face while I cried. She would tell me that things were going to work out and I would have to hate her even more then I already do.


The plane was packed as we departed New Jersey and headed straight on to California. I had never been to California and I was not excited. He had taken that excitement from me. I had begged for years to get to go see Hollywood. Now Hollywood was where I was headed and it felt like I was flying straight to hell.


I had landed an hour ago in California and not only did it fell like hell mentally, it felt like hell physically. It had to be at least one hundred degrees outside. I could feel the sweat dripping down the small of my back as I crawled out of the car a social worker had picked me up in.

Looking up at his house, I sighed. It was a nice house – two stories and a good amount of distance from each neighbor on the sides. I figured it was a party type town and they built their houses to make it easy to have loud crazy parties without bothering the neighbors.

My eyes fell upon the front door as I saw a man walk out. For a moment I had to look hard. The man that walked out could not be my father. My father was 6’0, about 300lbs and pale white. The man that walked out that door was 6’0, around 200 lbs, covered in muscle and tan. He was this beautiful human that made my knees weak. I figured he must work for my father.

“Moira,” the man said with a slight smile on his face as he walked over to me. It was in that minute I knew it was my father. I had never forgot that voice. I had pictured it in my head for years when I dreamed of him coming home.

I shook at the thought that for a moment my father had turned me on but I could not help it. He looked amazing and a part of me wanted him.

“Dad?” I said in a questioning tone as he hugged me. I want to hate him and push him away but he felt so good pressed against my body. Instead of wanting to push him away. I wanted to pull his body closer to mine. I wanted him to never let me go, to keep me in those big strong arms forever.

“It is so good to see you,” he said as he pulled away from me, “I have missed you for so long, and have been wanting to see you got just as long but your mom said you were happy without me.”

“Its good to see you too dad,” I said hugging him again, taking him all in. He had no idea how good it was to see him.


I had unpacked my bag into my new room. It was bare except for a bed, a desk, a dresser and a few shelves. I knew it would take a while but I could get it to feel like a room. As of right now all I had were clothes for the dresser, a laptop for the desk and a picture of mom, me, Aaron and Tim. I missed my family more then I could imagine and this was all that I had left of them.

My dad had brought me some sheets and a comforter for me to use for the evening and told me that we would go shopping for some things for my room the next day. He seemed to have come into quite a bit of money since we had been apart and if he wanted to make up for it by spending it on me, I was not going to ruin the making up for him. I liked it when people bought me things, what girl didn’t?

A quarter to eleven I crawled into bed and closed my eyes. I was not tired but it was late and I needed to get some sleep. I tried to count sheep for a while, but that was only ever just funny, not something to make a person fall asleep.

After a while of trying to sleep I knew that I was going to have to masturbate. That was sometimes the only way that I could fall asleep. It had been something that I started doing when I couldn’t and it had been something that I did frequently since then.

I reached my hand down the front of my panties and rubbed the skin just above my clit for a while. I could feel the neatly trimmed hair under my fingers and my clit throbbing. It wanted me to touch it, but I was going to take my time. Teasing myself was always my favorite thing to do.

Right as I touched my clit, I closed my eyes to try and think of something to get me off. To my surprise the first image that came into my mind was my dad. His tall, dark and handsome body standing over me. I wanted to take his clothes off and feel his naked body against mine. I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth while I fingered my pussy hard.

It did not take me long to reach an orgasm. It was so strong that it took me a minute to be able to think straight again. There was a puddle of juices right below my ass and my legs were shaking. I had just had the most amazing orgasm in the entire world, and it was all because of ….. my dad.


My dad and I had spent the entire day shopping. We had bought me a new bed set as well as posters and things to put on my walls. He also bought me some things for my desk, a whole new bathroom set and a few new outfits for a new town. It had been a really good day considering. I however could not help but keep looking at him on our trip. Remembering the amazing orgasm he had unknowingly helped me achieve last night. How I wished so much that it could be true.

I spent a few hours once I was home putting my room together and getting things a little more homier. It was not until he called me down to dinner that I took a break from being the neat and organized person that I was.

Once I got downstairs I noticed he had ordered chinese food and it was all on the coffee table. Back home this never would have happened. We never got to eat out, mom always cooked and felt we needed to eat dinner at the table like a family. This was actually a nice change. I did not want to have sit down dinners here. That was something that was for mom and mom only.

I noticed that he had bought a few different kind of soda, not knowing what it was that I liked. He had set out for him a few bottles of wine. He obviously felt like drinking was in order.

After dinner was done, dad and I cleared off the table and relaxed on the couch. I had a cup of coke in my hand and he was working on his third glass of wine. He was a little tipsy and I actually liked it. We were catching up on things that had happened over the years.

“Can I have a glass of wine dad?” I asked him with a big smile on my face.

He got up and walked into the kitchen without answering me. I was afraid the answer was no and this evening was over but he soon came back with another glass in his hand. He filled it to the top with wine and handed it over to me. I happily took it and drank it down quickly.

“Wow,” he laughed, taking the empty glass from me and setting it on the table, “slow down there turbo.”

We laughed for a minute, falling back on the couch, our sides touching. I felt my pussy start to get wet instantly. It felt so amazing having him touching me and I just wanted more.

“Do you have a girlfriend dad?” I asked him, trying to see if he was currently sleeping with anyone.

“No,” he said with a slightly sad tone in his voice, “I haven’t had a girlfriend for a while. Haven’t been able to find any real women out here. They are all fake and made up. I just want a real woman, with real tits you know?”

He blushed when he looked down at me, realizing he might have just told his daughter to much information, but he did not say anything about it.

“How long has it been since you have done anything sexual with anyone?” I asked, feeling the wine kicking in and making me a little more daring.

“Sweetie,” he said with a broken tone, not really sure of what to say, “do you really think you should be asking me this question?”

“Come on,” I pleaded with him, turning to the side, my leg resting almost on top of his own. “I am curious.”

“It been,” he took a deep breath, shaking his head – he could not believe that he was doing this, “…it’s been about a year or two really.”

I gasped for a second. I could not believe it had been that long since he had been with a women. He looked absolutely amazing. I was surprised women were not throwing themselves at him. I knew I wanted to throw myself at him, and I had a feeling that I was going to do it.

“So it has been two year since someone has sucked your cock?” I asked in amazement. “Don’t you miss it?”

I watched as my dads face turned red but I knew he was not going to tell me to stop talking. I could see his cock getting hard through the seam of his pants. He was liking me talking to him like this.

“Moira,” he began to protest but I could hear the defeat in his voice. “It has been even longer since I have had someone give me head and God do I ever miss it.”

I thought about asking more questions but I was just wasting time getting to what I really wanted. So I decided that I was just going to go for it and if he stopped me, that would be the end of that. Though I had a feeling in my gut that he was not going to stop me from doing what I wanted to do.

Without saying another thing, I crawled down onto the floor and positioned myself between my dads legs. His eyes got big as I rubbed his cock through his jeans. His breathing was starting to increase and I felt it twitch under my fingers.

I pulled the zipper on his pants down slowly, taking my time to get to the prize I had been working for all day long. Once they were undone I reached in and pulled his cock out into the light. It was at least seven inches long and a half dollar thick.

I spent a few mintes looking at it, running my hand over the full length of it. My pussy was so wet it was leaking though my panties. They were soaking wet and I needed to get out of them. I stood up, slipped them off under my skirt and placed them on my dads chest.

I then moved back down between his legs and put the head of his cock in my mouth. I looked up at him to make sure he was liking this and he was sniffing my panties. That made me even more wet then I was before.

I took his cock more into my mouth, sucking ever so lightly as I slid my head up and down his cock. It throbbed in my mouth and I wanted more and more of it.

He placed his hand lightly on the back on my head and pushed my mouth further down onto his cock. I sucked harder the harder her fucked my face.

Reaching down, I began to violently rub my clit. My hand was soaking wet in only a matter of seconds. I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm, but I did not want to cum before him. So I sucked harder and worked my mouth fast around his cock. His breathing was getting heavier and deeper and I knew by what I had seen in porn that he was getting ready to cum.

“Yes babygirl,” he moaned pushing his hips up into my mouth, “make daddy cum.”

With that I felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat, at that same moment and orgasm washed over my body causing me to buck against my hand and twitch all over. I did not pull away from him though and swallowed ever drop of cum he shot into my mouth.

“Oh my God babygirl,” he said completely out of breath.

“We should not have done that, but it was so amazing.”

He pulled me up to him and kissed me lightly, running his tongue along my lips but never putting it in my mouth. He slowly reached between my legs and ran his finger through the puddle between my legs. He then pulled it up to his mouth and licked his finger.

I laid my head down on his chest and took a deep breath. I could smell our sweat in the air and our cum. It was the most amazing smell in the entire world.

“I missed you daddy,” I said feeling myself falling asleep on his chest. “I love you.”

“I love you too babygirl,” He said running his hand through my hair, “I love you too.”


I had not seen my father much this week. He had a job that kept him busy all week long. He had told me the other night that in order to have Friday-Sunday off, you have to work your ass off the rest of the week. With all this knowledge, I knew we were not going to spend a lot of time together. I however, did not realize that I was only going to see him in passing.
By Wednesday, worry had begun to set in. Dad had barely even said hello to me in all that time. I started to feel that maybe along with being busy, he was trying to avoid me on purpose. Had I done something wrong in that time? Did he regret the other night that we shared with each other? Should I regret it as well?


I woke up earlier than normal on Friday to the smell of bacon. The smell was strong enough to drag me out of bed and carry me down the stairs towards the kitchen. I didn’t even bother changing out of my red silk nighty that slightly showed off my white cotton panties if I moved or sat the right way. I was hoping that dad was in the mood to talk because we really had a lot to discuss.

“Mmm,” I let out as I entered the kitchen and the smell of bacon completely consumed my nose. It was one of my favorite things in the world and I was ready for it. “Something smells amazing.”

My dad was standing at the stove facing away from me when I enter the kitchen. He was wearing a black wife beater tank top with plaid red and black pajama pants that fit him perfectly. Though the smell of bacon is what dragged me down the stairs to begin with, it was the outline of his perfect ass in his pajama bottoms that really made my mouth water, along with other parts of my body.

“Good morning,” my dad began as he turned around to face me.

The look on his face once he caught sight of me was enough to make my heart skip a couple of beats. I could see his eyes looking over every inch of me that he could see, even though he was not moving his head. He seemed as if he was trying to hide the fact that he was checking me out.

“So whats for breakfast?” I asked as I licked my lips and took a seat at the table.

I enjoyed the moment of him starring at me, but I was also a little on the hungry side, and unless I sat down, we would have just stood there forever. At least that is what I pictured happening in my head.

“Bacon and eggs,” he answered with a shaky voice as he turned back to the stove and loaded up a couple of plates for us.

He took his time, I watched from behind as he took a couple of deep breaths, trying to gain control of himself, though that is not really what I wanted from him.

“Sounds wonderful,” I smiled at him with my big pearly whites as he set the plate of food down in front of me.

I picked up my fork and played with my food a little bit while he sat down across from me. I ate slowly, glancing up at my dad every so often. Every time I looked up, he turned his head back down to his food, acting like he had been looking at it the whole time. I loved that he was looking at me, and I noticed he had barely touched his food.

“Are you not hungry?” I asked trying to get some kind of a conversation going. “You have barely even touched your food.”

“My mind is just working some things out,” he answered.

Looking away from me, he looked back down at his food and played with it a little, but still did not take any bites.

“Is it about what happened with us the other night?” I blurted out.

I was unable to keep it inside any longer. It had happened and I did not want to forget that it had happened. It was the greatest night of my life up to this moment and I was not willing to pretend that it did not happen.

“Look,” he began, setting his fork down onto his plate and looking up at me. “Moira, what happened the other night should not have happened. You are my daughter and I took advantage of you. I gave you a big glass of wine and you just, you weren’t thinking straight and I should have stopped what happened. It was a bad move on my part for going through with it.”

My heart sunk a little bit when he said this. I had to think it over for a few minutes to try and piece all of it together. I did not agree with him though, not a single word of it. I started what happened, none of it was because of the wine. It was something that I had wanted before I even had the glass. All he did was plan into his daughters wants and needs, what was so wrong with that?

Without speaking, I got up from my chair and walked over to his side of the table. Pushing his plate aside I took a seat on the table where it had once been, right in front of him. My legs parted ever so slightly, showing off my white cotton panties I had on under my nighty.

“Moira,” he began to protest, leaning away from me for a moment, “what are you doing?”

“What happened the other night was amazing,” I began, pulling him towards me to where our faces were only inches apart. “I wanted it and I still want it.”

Once I was done talking I pulled him to my lips and kissed him gently. I knew that in that moment he was mine again. His body relaxed into my kiss and shortly after he was kissing me back. His kisses were harder than mine but I matched up to them. There was so much passion between us that it hurt just thinking about pulling away from him.

He pulled away which made me growl slightly, I was not ready for him to pull away. The growl stopped and a moan replaced it when he placed his lips against my neck and softly licked and bite and kissed my skin. My whole body sparked up and I could feet my pussy juices going through my panties.

He brought his hand up to my breast and started to caress it through my nighty as he kissed down to my chest, pulling the nighty to the side. It only took him a moment to realize it would be easier to remove it so he pulled it over my head. I was now in front of him wearing nothing but my soaking wet panties, which he hungrily looked at while he licked his lips.

“Lay down,” he demanded, not giving me an option.

I turned around to make sure nothing was in my way and then laid down on the table. He helped me move so that my ass was right on the edge of the table and then stood up. He began to kiss my stomach right along the seem of my panties. My whole body shook with excitement, wondering what daddy was going to do for me.

He kissed around my belly button while he ran his fingers along the inside of my thighs. I could barely breathe it felt so good. I couldn’t help but moan as his skin ran alongside my body. I could feel his finger in spots even seconds after they were no longer touching me there. I wanted more, but I was going to let things play out the way daddy wanted them to.

Moving from my belly button he worked his way down to the line of my panties and began to kiss me ever so softly. I moved my hand down and ran it through his hair, as he began to pull my panties off of my and down my legs. Once they were off of me, he laid them on my chest like I had done to him the other night. I picked them up with a smile on my face as I began to smell my juices all over them. This just made me ever more wet then I was before.

Once he was satisfied with what I was doing, he slowly began to kiss between my legs right above my clit. I took a deep breath to stop my body from completely freaking out. He took this as a sign that I wanted more, which it was and moved down, pushing his tongue hard against my clit. I let out a moan and bucked my hips forward a little bit, pushing myself harder against his tongue. I would have came then and there but he moved down and that intense pleasure dropped to a point where my orgasm could be prolonged.

Licking up and down the folds of my pussy, he slowly pushed a finger inside of me. I let out another moan of satisfaction, and he returned with pushing another finger inside me. I moved slowly, as if trying to ride is fingers and he loved it.

“You like riding daddy’s fingers?” he asked in a deep voice as he fucked them in and out of me even harder, while he sucked my clit into his mouth.

“Yes daddy,” I whimpered.

“Good,” he moaned into me, sucking harder against my clit. My first orgasm was pushing its way through my body.

“Omg daddy,” I screamed, grabbing a hold of the back of his head. “I am going to cum.”

Daddy pushed another finger in me and fucked me harder. Licking my clit with so much passion and intensity. My body began to shake violently as I gave into the orgasm. He used his other hand and his arm to hold me down so that I could not pull away from him. I screamed in pleasure as wave after wave of my orgasm came out.

“Yes daddy, right there. Make your baby girl cum. Oh god daddy, I love you. Fuck. Yes, yes daddy yes.”

My daddy did not stop right then, he kept on fingering me hard and licking my pussy to the point where I could not think straight, but by the time my second orgasm hit me, I was in such a state of ecstacy that I felt like I was floating above my body.

Once my second orgasm subsided, daddy kissed his way up to my face and began to kiss me. I could taste myself all over his mouth, as I bit on his lips to try and savor every last drop.

“Will you fuck me daddy?” I asked him between our kisses.

“Whenever you are ready, babygirl,” he smiled. “Whenever you are ready.”


Daddy woke me up in the middle of the night. Generally getting woken up would make me angry, but he was an exception to that rule. I was glad to see him. My heart raced wondering what it was that he wanted. By the look on his face I knew something was not wrong, so it had to be something good, and I was very much into good stuff.

“What is it daddy,” I asked him in my cute little girl voice.

My daddy did not say anything. He leaned forward into me and began to kiss me hard. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him down on top of me. His body was warm on top of mine and I slid my hands under his shirt to bring them up to temperature. His skin was so warm I wanted it wrapped all around me.

“Moira,” He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “Would you like to sleep in bed with me from now on?”

I was a little surprised as to why he would want that. I knew we had been doing things, but wasn’t sleeping in a bed another form of being intimate?

“Look,” he began, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. He looked away from me and I felt saddened by this. I felt like not answering right away had hurt my daddy’s feelings. “If you don’t want to, its okay. I was just wondering.

“Daddy,” I whispered pulling him back into me. His back was pressed up against my chest and I laid my head down on his shoulder. I hugged him gently from behind and whispered into his ear. “I would love to share your bed with you daddy.”


I crawled into my daddy’s bed beside him. He wrapped his arm around me and threw the covers over us. I was not sure if there was something more to this or if we were just supposed to sleep. I knew deep down that I wanted more. The closer he was to me and the more he touched me, the more I wanted him.

Daddy’s arms felt warm around my body. I was wearing only a skin tight t-shirt and a pair of panties. I did not have a lot to keep me warm, so I pushed up closer to him to absorb the heat that he was pushing off.

“Daddy,” I asked him quietly, not sure as to why I was whispering, but it felt right. “Do you love me?”

“Of course I love you,” My daddy answered. He tightened his arms around me slightly, as if hugging me to his body. I felt every inch of my body perk up to him. I wanted him more then anything in that moment. I was ready for him and I knew he was ready for me too.

“I am ready,” I said to him. He told me that he would fuck me when I wanted him to and I want him to. More then anything I wanted my daddy to take my virginity. I had done many things sexually and I loved doing them, but I was ready to take the next step and I felt daddy was the perfect person to take it for me.

He did not answer me right away and that worried me. Was he not ready to take the step with me? Was he starting to think that maybe this was something that he did not want? Did he not want me in that way? I almost got out of the bed for the way my stomach turned but he had me held tightly against him.

“Are you sure,” he asked, his voice more shaky then I had heard it yet. He seemed to hold me just a little tighter, which made me want to jump him right there, but I did not know if he really wanted this or not.

“Yes,” I said in the most certain voice I could. I know that I was ready to take that step with him. I knew that he was the man of my dreams and I wanted to give him every part of me. I wanted to be his forever and I wanted him to take me anyway he wanted. “I have never been more sure about anything in my entire life.”

Once again, daddy did not speak. I hated when he was silent. I never knew what he was thinking and that bothered me. I felt like all of my thoughts were being shouted out for everyone to hear but his were so silent, they did not even leave hints as to what they were.

My thoughts disappeared when daddy ran his hand down the side of my leg. I got the chills and every inch of my body perked up. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my breathing got shallow. I could not believe this was actually going to happen. You want something for so long that the thought of it actually happening was just hard to accept. I was going to get to make love to my daddy.

“Moira,” he whispered in my ear as he ran his hand along the front of my panties, making my pussy drip. “I have to let you know that this might hurt.”

I turned and looked my daddy in the eyes. He looked as if he was worried. Worried about hurting me maybe, or worried that this was going to be a bad idea. Though I still had that feeling that he was doubting this, I think deep down he wanted this and was no longer going to protest my wants and desires.

“It’s okay daddy,” I told him reassuringly. “I know that it is going to hurt, but I trust you to treat me right and help me work through the pain. I trust you daddy. I want you to take me to the next level daddy.”

There were no more words between us for a while. Daddy kissed the back and sides of my neck, while he rubbed my pussy from the front of my panties. I reached back and rubbed his cock that was bulging out of his pajama pants. I ran my fingers up and down the length of it.

“Mmm,” Daddy purred in my ear, just as he began to run his hand under my panties. His finger found my clit and pushed down hard on it. I let out a loud moan and pushed my body into it. His finger touching me almost sent me over the edge right then and there. I wanted him so badly inside of me that I was getting overly worked up. I could tell that he noticed that, so he pulled his finger away.

I grunted when he pulled away from me, but he was quicker then I was. Before I had time to really argue him pulling away, he had me laying flat on my back in the middle of his bed. Slowly he removed my shirt and pulled my panties off of my body. I was laying there, naked and bare once again in front of my daddy and I felt beautiful.

He leaned forward and began to kiss my stomach, which caused a butterfly feeling inside of me. It at first felt like my stomach getting sick, but I soon realized that it was something even more amazing.

“I want to do so many things with you baby,” my daddy said to me, looking me in the eyes, “But I think this time is going to just be breaking through and letting you experience your first time. I do not want to give you to much to soon. Are you okay with that?”

I loved my daddy and was so glad that he cared enough to treat me right. If I would have given my virginity to any other person, they would have destroyed it. All my daddy wanted to do was help me get through it so that we could work towards getting to bigger and better things.

“I am ready now,” I told my daddy, spreading my legs apart in front of him. My pussy was dripping wet all over the bed. Daddy looked down at me with so much wonder in his eyes. I knew that he wanted more then he was going to give me, but I was glad for what I was going to get.

“Ok baby,” He said as he stood up and took off all of his clothes. His body was beautiful, I wanted to feel it pressed up against me and in a moment I was going to get my wish.

Daddy crawled back on the bed and hovered over me. I could feel his cock touch the lips of my pussy as he leaned forward and kissed me. I melted into his kiss as he spread my legs a little further and guided his cock to the opening of my pussy.

My body begged for it, I was ready and he was just outside the door of giving me everything that I wanted. I had not expect what was about to happen next. Daddy slowly began to stick the head inside of me. I let out a moan at how good it felt to have him slip inside me. I felt like everything people said about pain was a lie.

“Okay baby,” he said looking down at me with such love in his eyes. “This is the part that is going to hurt. Are you ready?”

I nodded to my daddy that I was ready and he quickly rammed his entire cock in me. I let out a scream of pain when he broke through my hymen. He did not move after that moment. He held his position so that I could take in what just happened and let my body relax. Once I was relaxed he smiled down at me. I knew he had felt the change in how I felt.

“Are you ready to continue going baby,” he asked me with a smile on his face. He looked so amazing on top of me. Like this greek god taking me into his arms and protecting me from danger.

“Yes daddy,” I said smiling back up at him, “I am ready.”

He slowly began to move his cock in and out of me. It was still a little painful but after a few minutes the pain went away and all that I could feel was bliss. My body was moving in time with his and it felt like we were one person, moving in unison. Almost like we were dancing with each other.

It did not take me long before my orgasm hit me. It was the hardest orgasm I had ever had and with daddy inside of me, it lasted longer then any other orgasm I had ever had. For a moment I felt like it was never going to stop.

Once my orgasm had subsided, daddy crawled off of me and laid down by my side. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my cheek softly. I shook lightly underneath him, but soon relaxed completely, laying on the edge of falling asleep in his arms. I laid my head on his chest and allowed myself to fall softly into sleep.

“Daddy,” I whispered right before falling asleep, “Can you do something for me?”

“Anything,” he answered, pulling the covers over us.

“Will you make me mommy,” I asked, and before I could get an answer I fell sound asleep in the arms of the only man I would ever love.


Daddy and I had been sharing a bed for a week now. That was also the same amount of time it had been since he had took my virginity. It had been the best night of my entire life, and it was more then I ever imagined it could it. I knew in that moment that I loved my daddy, and he loved me as well.

Daddy and I have had sex once since that night. He was slow with me once again. I loved that he wanted to take the time to make sure that I was ready for every step that we were taking. Right now he was going slow, and he did not care whether or not if he had an orgasm. He was all about making sure that I was satisfied.

“Good morning.”

My daddy whispered in my ear as he pulled me close to him. We had slept in this morning and the plan was to not get out of bed at all. I was okay with that plan. We were going to curl up in bed and watch movies and just spend some time together. We had been doing a lot of that since that night.

The week when he was at work was hard. He was away for long hours of time and I laid in our bed for hours waiting for him to get home. I no longer had the ability to fall asleep unless his arms were wrapped around me. If there was a time in which I did not believe in true love, that time had come to an end. He was my everything, and I could tell by the way he looked at me, I was his everything as well.

“Good morning daddy,” I smiled at him.

Wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling myself to him. I kissed him softly and ran my fingers through his hair. I had learned over the last week that he really enjoyed when I did that. He also liked it when I softly ran my fingers down his back, softly tickling him.

Daddy kissed me back and held me by the waist. He always made me feel like I was wrapped up and protected, his strong arms always there to hold me. He made me feel big and strong yet small and weak all at the same time.

I almost let out a cry when daddy pulled away from me. The phone had began to ring and he had to answer it. Daddy was on call for work, so it was important to answer when it rang. He never answered when we were having sex though. He always made sure phones were busy so that he could dedicate his time to me.

“Hey,” he said with a surprised tone in his voice. I did not really try to understand why. I just decided that I was going to have a little bit of fun. While he was making sounds that showed he was acknowledging the person on the other line.

As he was sitting on the edge of the bed, I crawled out from under the covers and made my way off of the bed. I walked in front of him, my naked body catching his eyes. I had gone to sleeping naked since we began sharing a bed together. Once I knew I had some of daddy’s attention, I dropped to my knees in front of him.

Daddy’s eyes lit up when he realized what was going to happen. He made no attempt to stop me and I reached forward and took his cock into my hand. It was soft at the moment, but I felt it twitch when my fingers wrapped around the top of it. Daddy’s eyes rolled back slightly into his head and that made me excited.

After a minute or two, his cock began to get harder in my hand. I ran my fingers up and down around his half erect cock before placing my mouth on the tip. Daddy let out a sigh when he felt my mouth against him.

“Yeah,” I heard daddy say to whoever was talking to him on the phone. “I am fine, its nothing to worry about.”

There were more words going on between daddy and whoever was on the phone, but I was to focused to pay attention to what they were. I made sure to put all of my attention into making my daddy get off. He did so much for me, and I wanted to make sure that he got just as much back in return.

The more of daddy’s cock I got into my mouth, the harder his cock got. The harder daddy’s cock got, the wetter I got and the more I wanted to fill daddy inside of me.

“Okay,” Daddy said in a little louder of a voice, “I guess I will see you then.”

Daddy hung up the phone and looked down at me. Our eyes held contact with each other for a great while longer. I loved to look up at his face and see what I was making him feel when I was sucking on his cock. Daddy loved it when I pushed my tongue into the tip of his cock. It was enough to make him close his eyes and lean his head back. I loved making him do things like that.

“Yes baby,” daddy moaned, placing his hand on the back of my head and pushing it into him slightly. I felt his cock touch the back of my throat, which always made me gag. My eyes filled with tears, that left streak marks down the side of my cheeks. Daddy wiped them up with his finger and then licked his fingers.

I sucked harder as I moved my mouth up and down the length of his beautiful cock. I loved the feel of it twitching in my mouth as well as the sounds that daddy was making. I loved that I had the ability to make him feel this way.

Daddy’s breathing began to get more shallow and I knew that he was about to cum. I played with his balls softly in my head as I took his whole cock into my mouth. It was not long before I felt him shoot a couple streams of cum into my mouth. It was warm as it ran down the back of my throat and into my waiting stomach.

I waited to make sure that it was all out before cleaning the tip of his cock off and pulling away. I crawled up onto his lap and kissed him hard for a long time. Our arms wrapped tightly around each other as we got lost in each others passions.

“I am still hard baby.”

Daddy smiled as he kissed my neck. It made my heart beat loudly in my ears and my pussy drip, my juices landing on his cock.

I smiled at him without saying anything, and lowered myself slowly down onto his cock. My pussy swallowed the tip as I let out a long moan. The more I had my daddy’s cock, the better it felt inside of me. It was like it was meant to be inside of my body.

“Oh my god, baby girl!”

My daddy let out as he grabbed onto my hips and helped lift me up and down onto his cock. His cock was so hard inside of my pussy that I could not help but to scream. The screams were full of nothing but pure pleasure.

“Oh yes daddy,” I said as I placed my lips against his. I moaned into him and felt my lips vibrate against his. “Yes daddy, fuck me, yes.”

My daddy helped me ride his cock harder and harder. Our bodies slapping together, sweat running down in between us, leaving a puddle on the bed beneath us. Every breath we took, we took in unison.

“Daddy is going to cum baby.”

He told me as he pulled me down harder and harder onto his cock. I could hear the sound of our pelvic areas grinding together and it was enough to send me over the edge. I reached my orgasm just moments before daddy did, which made my pussy contract enough to help suck every inch of cum that I could out of daddy’s cock.

Daddy fell back against the bed and I rolled off of him and laid by his side. We were breathing heavy and looking up at the ceiling, waiting to regain control of our bodies.

“Who was it that was on the phone daddy?” I asked him, turning and wrapping my arms around him and placing my head on his chest.

“That was your brother,” he said a little quietly, like he did not want me to know that it was Aaron on the other line, “he is coming to visit us this weekend.”


I sat in the living room nervous, waiting for my brother. I felt like I had changed so much in the short time that I had been here and he would not know who I was anymore. Not that I was going to tell him what had been going on around here. Daddy was at work and it was just going to be me and Aaron when he got here. I was happy to see him, but I did not know what I was going to say.

The pound that rapped upon the door made me jump slightly. I knew that it was Aaron, but it was still enough to put me on the edge of my seat. I wished so much that daddy could have been here with me for this moment. Help make it a little less awkward or a little more directed at him.

I took a moment to look into the mirror that was in front of the door and made sure that I looked okay. I did not want to look like someone that had not slept in days because I had been to busy getting fucked by my daddy. I did not want him to question things, because I really did not want to have to make up some lie to tell him.

“Wow,” Aaron said after he hook me in for a second. I watched him look me over and my mind got a little confused. He was my brother, which sounded weird now, like that mattered for anything. He was my brother though and he looked at me just like daddy had that day in the kitchen.

“What?” I asked him, looking down at myself, acting as if I was looking for something to be wrong. Trying to make sure that he did not know that I noticed him looking at me.

“You just,” he started, looking me over one more time, this time not really trying to hide it from me.

“You just look so grown up and it has only been a few weeks since I last saw you. What has changed?”

“I think its Hollywood,” I answered him quickly as I helped him in and shut the door behind us. I led him into the living room and he took a seat on the couch. Little did he know, that was the same spot daddy had been sitting the first time we had done anything together. “People really seem to grow up fast in this town.”

“So how have you been?” I asked him curiously, taking a seat on the couch next to him. “Have you talked to Tim lately? I bet he is lonely all by himself now.”

“I have been good, except I got laid off. That is why I called dad. I know things have been bad between us but I was curious if he knew if there were any jobs around here for me. I told him I wanted to be close to you so that I could see you more often. I have an interview with his boss tomorrow.”

I was surprised my father had not told me any of this. This seemed like news that would need to be relayed. My brother was not just coming to visit, he was possibly coming to live here. Well not in this house, unless dad offered him a place to stay, which would definitely get in the way of all the amazing things we have been doing.

“I will be right back,” I told him as I got up from the couch and ran into the kitchen for a moment. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed my Daddy’s number. I was not expecting him to pick up, but to my surprise he did.

“Hello,” he asked me on the other end, sounding kind of surprised that I was calling him at all right now, being as my brother was here and I should be spending time with him.

“Whats going on babygirl?”

“Why did you not tell me that he was coming here for good?” I said in a harsh tone almost. I did not like the fact that he had been keeping a secret from me. “You should have told me that, I had a right to know that this was not just some visit.”

“Baby, I am so sorry,” he said with a tone that told me he really was sorry,. “can we talk about this when I get home love? I really need to get back to work.”

“Fine,” I said hanging the phone up. I was still a little on the mad side, so I did not take the time to tell him goodbye or that I loved him.

“So,” A voice appeared behind me, “do you not want me to be here or some M?”

My heart sunk as I turned around and saw my brother standing behind me. I did not know how much of the conversation he had heard, but it had to be enough to think that I did not want him here at all. That was not true, I was so glad he was here, I just did not want him to stay in this house for long. I needed my daddy and I did not want to lose him over Aaron needing a place to stay.

“I do want you here,” I said honestly, “I just hate that I was not told something that I deserved to know. He just told me this was a visit, not that you were staying.”

“I think there is more to it then that,” he said stepping closer to me. “Tell me what is going on.”

I had to think quick on my feet. I did not know what to say to him. How was I supposed to lie to my brother. I had to lie though, he could not know what was going on.

“Its just…” I sat down on the table facing him. Trying to work out my story in my head. I noticed as I was thinking of something to say he was checking me out like daddy had. I felt like maybe there was a way out of this after all.

“Its just that, well I had this dream a while back and we had sex and I told daddy about it and that I was scared for you to be here because I did not want to feel weird around you.”

I could not believe that I had just said that. I never really had a dream about sleeping with Aaron, though he looked a lot like daddy and I did not hate the idea of it.

“So,” he began, stepping even closer to me, “you dont want me here, because you want to sleep with me?”

I nodded my head yes and looked down at the floor, like I was wrong for thinking it. I was hoping he would just take what I said and need to think about it or something, but that was not the case.

“Well I don’t know about sex,” he said, backing up, “but I mean, if this is about being curious, I would not mind helping my little sister understand some things.”

“Really,” I said looking up kind of surprised. “You would do things with me? Why?”

“Why not?” He answered with a smile.

I knew right then and there that my adventures with daddy were about to take a step in an all new direction, and I was excited. As long as daddy was okay with it of course.


I would have to say that the last year of my life has been that of a crazy roller coaster. So just as a recap for those of you who are just joining in on my recounts, my mother passed away 6 months ago. 1 month ago I was sent to live with a father that left when I was very young, a man that I have come to be in love with. He has taken me though the most incredible times of my life. I gave him more then just my virginity, I gave him everything that I am and will continue to give him more. However, my brother showed up yesterday and well things took a slight turn.


My brother had jumped in the shower after our conversation in the kitchen. I was not sure what I was going to do with all of this, but I needed to find out. My brother had just told me that he would fuck me. I knew that somewhere inside of me, I wanted to do it. I wanted to share with my brother what I had been sharing with my daddy for the past couple of weeks, but what if daddy would get angry.

I was in love with my daddy, and I did not want to ruin that, just because I am curious. I knew that it was something that I needed to discuss with him, but I did not know how to do that. I did not know if telling him would make him angry or not. What if he asked Aaron to leave? The Aaron would know that I said something about it and then he would be mad at me. I missed my brother so much and I did not want him to have to leave right away.

“What’s going on honey?” I jumped as my dad’s voice spoke behind me. I knew when I heard him that it was him, but I was so deep in thought that it startled me.

“Daddy,” I laughed turning around and facing him. “You scared the hell out of me. Make some noise or something before you start talking.”

“Sorry love,” he said walking over to me and wrapping his arms around me. He pulled me up to him and kissed me softly. My heart fluttered. There was no greater feeling then being wrapped in his arms. “I will be more careful next time.” He smiled at me. “Speaking of careful, where is Aaron?”

I figure it was now or never. I needed to let him know about what me and Aaron had talked about. He had a right to know and it was going to come up sooner or later. In my experience, sooner was always better then later.

“About Aaron daddy,” I began, sitting down at the table. “He heard me talking to you earlier about not telling me he was staying. He thought I wanted him to leave and I ended up making up some story and now he …. now he wants to fuck me.”

“He what?” My daddy asked, sitting down next to me. “And what did you say? I mean, do you want to fuck him?”

I looked hard into my daddy’s eyes. I wanted to know what was going on in his mind right now. Did I say no and nothing happens and deep down he wants me to want it, or do I say yes, only to end up possibly hurting him. I was completely lost in this moment, but I knew that more then anything, I needed to be honest with him. I loved him enough to give him that much.

“I mean, it sounds like something I might enjoy.” I said looking down. “But I belong to you daddy, I would never do anything with anyone that could hurt you.”

My dad got a look on his face that he was deep in thought. I did not know if I had just ended something amazing, or if I might have started something else.

“Come with me.” He said, grabbing my hand and leading me up the stairs. My brother was in my dad’s room, getting dressed after his shower. My dad barged in through the door, causing my brother to almost jump out of his skin.

“I didn’t mean to,” my brother let out. I could tell he thought that I had told on him for what had happened. He looked scared like our dad was about to kill him. In all honesty, that was something that could be in the plans. He did not really tell me what he was thinking or what he was going to do.

I looked over to my brother who was clinging his towel. He had not had the ability to put any clothes on yet, and was still a little on the wet side. He looked absolutely terrified of our father and for a moment I was scared as well.

“Get on the bed,” my father demanded to my brother. He looked confused but got up on the bed. “Now lay down.”

My brother laid down in the middle of the bed. He looked nervous as he looked up at the ceiling, trying to not look at my father, who had turned to me.

“I want you to have your way with him,” my father told me before pulling me into a hard and passionate kiss. “Daddy wants to watch you fuck him.”

My heart skipped a beat at my daddy’s word. My pussy was dripping wet at the intensity of the moment. My daddy wanted me to fuck my brother in front of him. I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was turned on by this.

“She is going to fuck you Aaron,” my daddy said to Aaron as he took a seat in a chair close to the bed. Not before taking off his pants and his boxers first.

“Please,” my brother said with such longing in his voice. I looked over and noticed that he was looking at me. His eyes begging for me to come to him.

I looked over at daddy one more time to make sure that he was sure. He was touching his cock lightly, nodding at me to go on and do what he wanted. I smiled at him and turned to my brother.

I walked slowly over to the bed, removing my dress, leaving me in just my panties and my bra. My brothers cock got half erect as I reached his feet on the bed. Slowly I climbed up and crawled up to him between his legs. I could tell that he was breathing harder, and that made me want this so much more.

“You ready daddy,” I asked, looking over at him stroking his hard cock. I almost could not go forward, the desire to jump down and help my daddy with his cock. I knew this is what daddy wanted though, so I turned my attention back to my brother, whose cock was not completely hard.

I smiled up at my brother who was looking me over. He reached down and began to rub my breast through my bra. It made me let out a slight moan. My pussy was dripping wet, soaking right through my panties.

Pushing his hands away, I lowered down and grabbed his cock into my hands. Slowly I rubbed my hands up and down around the top half of it. He laid back against the bed and let out a low moan. His body shook slightly. Pre cum started to come out the top of his cock and I slowly licked it off.

“Yes,” he whispered as my tongue touched his cock. “Suck my cock Moira.”

Generally I would work my way to it a little better, but I did not want to disappoint. I bent all the way forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth. It was cold against my tongue.

It did not take long for his entire cock to be in my mouth. He was moaning as I fucked his cock with my warm mouth. He held on to the back of my head and shoved my mouth further down around his cock. I grabbed his balls in my hand and rolled them between my fingers.

“Yes Moira,” he moaned, his hips bucking up to my mouth. “Just like that love, just like that. Make your big brother cum.”

“Yes,” I heard from beside me. I turned my head to see my dad pumping away at his hard cock. “Yes baby, make your big brother cum. Make him cum for daddy.”

I wanted to make him cum. I wanted to do anything that daddy wanted me to do. I sucked harder and my brothers breathing got loud and intense. He was taking deep breathes between the shallow ones and by the tightness in his legs, I could tell that he was going to cum.

“Oh yes sis,” he yelled, “I am going to cum. Yes, fuck. Don’t stop.”

I sucked his cock harder and faster and soon his whole body tightened up. Warm spurt after spurt of cum shot against the back of my throat.

“Oh my god yes,” he moaned, “you are absolutely amazing.”

After I had swallowed all of his cum, I sat back up and looked down at his beautiful wet cock. Then I looked at daddy who had cum running down his fingers.

“My turn boys.” I said smiling at my daddy and then looking over to my brother. “Daddy, on the bed.”

I looked up from my brother, who was shaking, to my father who was still sitting in a chair beside the bed. His hand was still wrapped tightly around his cock as cum ran down the sides of his finger. He smiled at me, letting me know that I had done a good job.

Getting up from the bed, I walked over to daddy and knelt down between his legs. I smiled up at him before licking his cock and fingers clean of cum. He let out a slight moan as my tongue moved over the tip of his cock. Even though my brothers cum felt wonderful in my mouth and tasted just as good, nothing could compare to daddy’s cum washing over my tongue.

“You were so beautiful baby girl,” my daddy said as he ran his fingers through my hair. I smiled up at him with so much love in my eyes.

“I love you daddy,” I said as I stood up and leaned against the bed. Daddy stood up with me and pushed me back onto the bed. My legs were still hanging off the bed and my head was resting against my brothers legs. My body was excited, wondering what I was going to get next.

“Get off the bed Aaron and come here,” my dad said in a slightly commanding voice. It made my heart flutter when he was stern. I loved when he told me what to do and what he wanted. Nothing made me more happy then pleasing my daddy.

Aaron slid his legs out from under me, but was nice and handed me a pillow for my head. I grabbed the pillow and placed it comfortably under my head as Aaron took his place next to my father. It took my breath away seeing them next to each other. They looked so much alike, it was like having two different versions of my daddy, the love of my life, at my feet. My body shivered at the thought of two daddy’s playing with me.

“Look at this,” my daddy began to say to my brother as he ran his fingers between my pussy lips. My body shook at the feel of his fingers against me. “Isn’t this the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?”

My brother lowered his hand to me and took my fathers place, running his fingers through the folds of my soaking wet pussy. I let out a slow soft moan as his fingers caressed me and found my clit. He pushed down on it with his thumb, causing me to moan just a little bit louder.

“It is absolutely amazing,” he said with a smile. He looked up at my father with a look of begging. I could tell that my brother wanted to do more with me, but he wanted to make sure that it was okay with my father first. Daddy gave him a slightly nod and smiled down at me.

Walking to the side of the bed, daddy gave brother some room to do whatever he please. He stood so he was close enough for me to reach out and touch him. So I did just that. I reached out and grabbed a hold of my daddy’s half erect cock. I loved how it felt in my fingers.

“Can I?” my brothers voiced asked excitedly from between my legs. I smiled at him. He did not need to ask for permission, but it made me happy that he was nice enough to do so. I of course nodded my head and told him “Yes.”

Within seconds, we was kissing the inside of the thighs, still running his finger along the length of my pussy. It felt so good to have his lips against my skin. I looked up at daddy, passion, heat, love, so much showing in my eyes. He smiled down at me as he reached over and took one of my breasts in his hand.

Aaron worked his way up from my thighs to my pussy. He kissed the lips and ran his tongue over the slit. I let out a slight moan and grabbed my other breast. All three of us were working together in my pleasure. I felt for sure that I was losing my mind.

“Yes big brother,” I let out as he pushed through the lips and pressed his tongue against my clit. His tongue was warm and rough as it licked over my clit. Daddy squeezed my breast a little tighter with each moan that I made. It was like I was floating on this cloud and electricity was floating through my veins.

I felt daddy’s cock get harder and harder in my hand, pre cum leaking out from the top. I wished that I could lick it up but instead I used it as lubrication to slowly run my hand up and down around daddy’s cock. The moan that escaped his mouth was all the satisfaction that I needed.

Aaron began to lick my clit faster and soon pressed two of his fingers inside of me. I let out a load moan. Daddy’s cock twitched in my hand and caused me to moan again.

“You like that,” my brother let out, turning his fingers up inside of me. “Wait for this little trick I have learned along the years.”

I looked up to my brother with curious eyes. I was slightly excited as to what was about to happen. Daddy seemed interested as well being as he was now looking down at Aaron’s hand inside my pussy.

Aaron began to pump his hand up and down in my pussy. He did not go in and out like I did when I was masturbating or when daddy fingered me. He kept his fingers up and pumped them up and down in a steady motion. Placing one hand on the lower half of my stomach he pumped harder and harder.

“Oh my god, yes,” I screamed. I could feel an orgasm building up as he hit his fingers against my g-spot. I had never been able to find it, but in that moment, I knew that his fingers had found it.

Daddy was excited, his cock was rock hard and he moaned loudly as I fucked his cock faster and faster with my hand, until I was so lost in ecstasy that I could not continue. Daddy did not seem to care.

“Oh my good Aaron,” I screamed, “I am going to cum.”

“Yes little sister,” he spoke calmly. “Cum for your big brother.”

He pumped his fingers up and down harder and harder until my orgasm was right on the end. My hips bucked up and right as I gave into my orgasm my brother pulled his fingers out of me, allowing me to squirt pussy juice all over his cock which was right at the level of my pussy.

I laid there in shock for who knows how long. My body was shaking violently and I had no control over it. I had never felt anything like that. It was not the best orgasm, that was the first orgasm I had with daddy, but it was by far the most violent orgasm I had ever had. I wanted more.

“Wow,” I said rolling over onto my side. I looked over at my brother who was rubbing his cock that was covered in my juices.

“How do you feel baby girl?” My daddy asked leaning down and kissing me softly.

“I feel amazing.” I smiled up at him. “But I am far from being done with the two of you.”

My daddy and my brother both looked at each other and then looked down at me.

“What do you want baby,” daddy asked, “anything to make you happy.”

“Yeah,” my brother added, “anything to make you happy.”

I smiled at both of them and then sat up. I looked at my brother who was stroking his cock and at daddy whose cock was still hard as a rock.

“I want you to lick my juices up,” I said looking at my daddy and begging him with my eyes while trying to be verbally demanding. “I want you to lick them up off of Aaron’s cock.”

Daddy looked over at brothers cock with confusion in his eyes. I could tell this is something that neither of them even imagined. I looked back and forth between them, which they both considered the option I had just laid out on the table. Neither of them moved, nor did either of them want to be the first one to talk or make a move. I knew then and there that I was going to have to take matters into my own hands.

I climbed off of the bed, my pussy juice leaking down the side of my leg. It made me shiver slightly, as it had slightly lost its warmth. It made me want more, made me want them to fuck me, but I had other plans in mind. I was not going to back down from what I wanted.

“Daddy,” I said as I got off the bed, “please stand here.” I said, pointing to the spot that was right beside me. He nodded and did as I said, still holding a hint of confusion in his eyes.

“Now get on the bed Aaron,” I said pointing to the place where he had laid earlier. He also did as I said. It made me smile watching him lay on his back in the middle of the bed, his once again hard cock pointing to the ceiling. I wanted to take it in my mouth and make him cum in my mouth again, but I needed to control myself.

I pressed myself against daddy’s body and played with his cock in my hand. He let out a moan and I felt his cock twitch under my fingers. I knew that I had him just where I wanted him and that he would do whatever I wanted him to do. I loved knowing that I had that kind of power over both of the men in this room.

“Daddy,” I looked up at him with innocent eyes that were begging softly. “Will you please suck Aaron’s cock? I would love to get off to you taking his cum in your mouth.”

Daddy leaned down and kissed me hard. It looked for a minute like he was going to protest but I begged him once again with my eyes. He nodded at me and began to crawl up onto the bed between Aaron’s legs.

“I … I wouldn’t know where to begin baby girl.” He said looking up over at me as I stood by the side of the bed.

I climbed up on the bed and sat above Aaron’s head. I looked down at daddy and gave him the best smile that I had. I was so happy that he was going to do this for me. I was going to help him out the best that I possibly could.

“Stroke his cock with your hands daddy,” I commanded him, getting a chill from the feeling of power that was running through my entire body. “Relax and do it as if you were stroking you own cock.”

Daddy reached out and took Aaron’s cock into his hand. Slowly he began to stroke it. Aaron let out a slight moan as daddy’s big rough hands stroked the length of his cock. I smiled up at daddy for doing such a good job and then down at Aaron who was enjoying every second of this.

“Yes daddy,” I said with a slight moan, “Just like that. Stroke his cock nice and slow, get him ready for your mouth.”

Daddy stroked Aaron’s cock for a while, Aaron moaning and squirming underneath him. It made my pussy dripping wet. The bed was soaking wet where I was sitting. I wanted to play with myself so bad, but I held back the temptation.

“Moira,” I heard my brother say my name between moaning. Before I could answer him though, he reached back and grabbed my hips, pulling me forward. Within a few second he had me sitting on his face and his tongue was digging into my wanting pussy.

“Oh fuck, yes,” I screamed, “Lick that pussy, lick it good.”

After a moment I locked eyes with daddy who was looking at Aaron eating my pussy. I could tell that he liked it because he began to stroke Aaron’s cock harder and faster. Aaron was enjoying that for sure as he licked and sucked to keep up with Daddy.

“Suck his cock daddy,” I begged as I pushed down into Aaron’s face. I could feel the juice from my pussy dripping out all over his face and it got me so hot. “Please suck his cock daddy.”

Daddy didn’t even hesitate to my words. He lowered his mouth to Aaron’s cock and took it in his mouth. I could feel Aaron moan against my pussy at how good daddy’s mouth felt around his cock. It made all of his licks and sucks that much better.

“Yes,” I moaned as I rode my brother face. “Yes, right there, oh my god yes. Make me cum big brother.”

He licked harder and faster and reached up to stick his fingers in my pussy. My pussy stretched and welcomed his fingers. At the same time he began to buck his hips up into daddy’s mouth. I knew that we were both on the edge of cumming and I wanted it so bad.

“Cum for daddy big brother, cum in our daddy’s mouth.” I cried out, lifting myself up straight and grabbing onto my tits.

My body tightened as I felt my orgasm rising to the surface. I could tell by the way he was moving that my brother was getting ready to cum as well. I thought about how amazing it would be to cum together. It felt like a bond no one else could top.

“I am going to cum,” I screamed as he pushed me over the edge. I rode his face for a moment longer and then collapsed to the side of the bed. My body shook violently, I had not gotten off this hard twice in a row before, it was waring me out.

It was then that Aaron made this loud moaning noise and I could tell that he was cumming. Daddy pushed his mouth down all the way around Aaron’s cock. Drinking every last drop of his sons cum.

I turned around and curled up against my brothers furnace of a body. He was warm and sticky and felt good in my arms. Once daddy was done, he moved to the other side of Aaron and curled his armed around both of us.

I do not remember much else before falling asleep, except thinking about how amazing my life was going to be and how in love I was.

I had two men, and life was perfect.


My brother had an interview the day after the night we all spent together. He impressed them so much that they hired him on the spot. I was excited when I heard the news, that meant he was going to get to stay and we were going to get to keep being together. I did not know how this was going to work. Having to share my time between my father and my brother, but I was going to make it work.

I wanted to be more happy with everything going on, but lately I had been feeling a little sick. I had not wanted to get out of bed and all I wanted to do was sleep. I figured I had just caught some stomach bug, those were always going around.

“So yeah, he is super amazing.” I said to my friend back home. I told her that I met this amazing guy and that I have been having the time of my life. I did not mention that the man was my father, that would freak her out, but I had to tell someone about these feelings I was having.

“Maybe you are sick because you are pregnant,” She said back, regarding me telling her that I had been feeling really sick lately. I just laughed at her, ignoring that it was even a possibility.

“Right and Brad Pitt is president.” I laughed into the phone, laying myself back on my bed and looking up at the ceiling. This made me tired, and I hated it.

“Well I mean think about it,” She began, “You have been feeling sick, you are tired, your body hurts, you have been having lots of unprotected sex. Sounds like you are pregnant to me girl.”

“I need to go,” I said quickly, hanging up the phone before she had a chance to say anything up. I sprang up in my bed and hurried to get dressed. I knew this could not be right I could not be pregnant, but I needed to be able to prove that to her. I wanted to be able to tell her that I took a test and that she was wrong. So I was going to go buy one.


I was cooking dinner when my dad and brother returned home from work. They were talking about things I knew nothing about and laughing. I was glad that they were getting along. Just a few weeks ago they were enemies. My brother wanted nothing to do with my dad and now it was like they were best friends. I did not want to sound big headed but I was happy that it was me that brought them together.

“Hello darling,” my daddy said wrapping his arms around me from behind and kissing my neck. It was one of the greatest feelings in the world to be loved. I was his now and I did not want to be anything else. Things however were about to make a change, and I did not know if it was for the best or for the worst. I was scared to find out, but it was going to come out sooner or later.

“Hi daddy,” I smiled as I turned around and kissed him. He wrapped his arms tighter around me but I pulled away. I was not sure how this worked, but I did not know if squeezing me tight was a good idea.

“What is the matter babygirl,” My daddy said with a worried look in his eyes. I turned away from him and began to scoop food onto all of our plates. Turning around and avoiding eye contact with him, I placed the plates on the table.

“Dinner is ready,” I said forcing a smile, “I made stir-fry. I hope you like it, its really one of the only things I know how to cook.”

Daddy and Aaron sat down and began to eat. They both kept looking from me to each other. You could see the worry in their eyes, but I just could not bring myself to tell them the news. I was scared about how they were going to react.

“Okay,” my brother said sternly as he pushed his plate away and leaned back in his chair. “What is going on Moira? You are acting strange, I know you. Something is up.”

I tried to speak, I wanted to tell them, but I couldn’t. Instead I got up from the table and went and locked myself in my room. My room was daddy’s room as well, but I needed to be alone. I needed to think and figure some things out.


“Moira,” a voice said as the door to the bedroom pushed open. I knew that I had locked it, but opening a locked bedroom door did not seem like the hardest task in all the world.

Looking up from the floor where I was sitting, resting my head on the end of the bed, I noticed my daddy. I had to look up to see because the two of them sounded so much alike. I stood up and sat on the end of the bed. Daddy took a seat next to me and wrapped his arms around me.

“I don’t know if I am ready to talk about what is wrong,” I said to daddy before he had the ability to ask me anything. He just nodded at me and gave me a look of understanding. I was glad that he had the ability to give me time with him. He never pressured me into anything I didn’t want, not even if he wanted to know something.

He grabbed my chin with his hand and brought it up to his face and began to kiss me. I kissed him back hard and crawled onto his lap. I loved being pressed against his body. He made me feel like I was on fire. I wanted to feel it at all times. I never wanted to have to cool down, but I knew I needed to at times.

I decided that I could not wait another minute. I needed to tell him what I had found out. He wasn’t giving me the best opportunities though. Before I knew it, he had laid me back onto the bed and was kissing down my neck. Before we went any further I needed to tell him. I did not know how any of this worked, what if what we were doing was going to hurt me. He needed to know, I had to tell him.

“Daddy wait,” I said as I pushed him away from me enough to look him in the eyes. My eyes filled up with tears. I was terrified of what was about to happen next.

“What is it baby?” He asked me with a concerned look in his eyes. My heart broke with how I was making him feel. I was making him worried and I did not need to do that.

“I’m …. I’m …. I’m Pregnant Daddy,” I said, looking away from him. I did not want to see the look in his eyes. Now that he knew, things could go a million different ways.

My heart skipped a beat when I felt daddy’s lips touch my neck. I let out a slight moan, the pleasure that I had a few minutes ago was back full force. I looked up at him and he was smiling. I could not help but smile back at him. He looked so amazing when he smiled.

I did not argue or protest. I just let daddy kiss me all over. He kissed around my jaw and over my ears. He nibbled down my neck and bit around my collar bone. I felt chills run down my back and my body tightened up.

Soon daddy was taking my clothes off, so I repaid the favor by stripping him of all his clothes as well. Soon we were both naked, bodies pressed up against each other. My heart was beating out of my chest and I could tell that his was as well. It was in that moment that I realized that he loved me.

“I love you daddy,” I whispered into his ear as he slowly slid into me. I gasped slightly as he pushed all the way into me.

This time the sex was different. It was like the first time. Daddy taking it slow with me, not making it faster or harder. He went slow and kissed me softly on the lips. He slid slowly into me hitting all of the right places. Scratching my fingers down his back he let out a moan.

“I love you so much baby girl,” he whispered back into my ear. He began to move a little bit faster inside of me. I held onto his sides as he thrust into me hard but gently. I moaned loudly as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“You feel so good inside of me daddy,” I told him as he continued with hard even thrusts. It was another moment that I never wanted to end, but I knew that it wouldn’t. Sure this time would end, and the next time would end but there would always be a next time. Daddy and I would always get to do this again and again for the rest of our lives.

“Oh daddy, right there,” I told him as he hit that spot that always pushed me over the edge. His hard cock was pressed right up against it and I needed more of it. “Oh my god, I am cumming daddy.”

My body rode the orgasm as I pushed up against his cock. Daddy did not tell me when he thrust hard into me one last time that he was cumming but I could feel it inside of me. His hot cum hitting my cervix. It made me shake just a little bit harder then I already was.

Daddy crawled off of me and laid beside me. He leaned in a kissed my cheek. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck. I loved when my lips were pressed against his neck.

“Are you happy,” I asked him, looking at him in the face. Our eyes held each others gaze for longer then I could remember ever looking at someone in the eyes. The feeling took my breath away.

“Happier then you could ever understand.” He answered, kissing my forehead. “Happier then you could even know.” He repeated one more time in a whisper.


{January 22, 2011}   Be Mine Part 1

For my sixteenth birthday, my parents took me to Alaska. I had always wanted to go to Alaska, don’t ask me why. So when I found out I was going to get to spend a whole week there I was excited. Healy was the destination that my father chose. He was not really big on people, so he wanted to spend our time somewhere where we were not surrounded by people. I did not care where it was, just as long as it was in Alaska.

Once we arrived in Healy, I was even more excited then I was before. The town was absolutely amazing. I knew this was going to be the best week of my entire life. I would get to spend my days looking at the amazing mountains and taking in the fresh air, as well as looking at the amazing vintage buildings.

“So what do you think sweetheart?” My father asked as we stepped into the bed and breakfast we were staying at. It was the coolest place I had ever been. It looked like an old fashioned home, which fit the town perfectly.

“I love it daddy,” I said as I wrapped my arms around his waste and hugged him. I then went up and hugged my mother as well. “This is going to be the best birthday ever.”


I had finally gotten all of my things unpacked into my room. I was super excited that I was going to be in my own room. My parents were in one down the hall. There was a room between ours that they said was empty, but no one ever could stay in it overnight. Something about it being haunted. My parents and I laughed at this, we did not believe in ghosts.

“Eleanor,” I heard a voice coming through my room door. I swung it open to see my daddy standing on the other side. I smiled up at him, still not over my initial excitement of being here. “We are going to head out to dinner, did you want to come?”

“No thank you,” I told my daddy. “I want to stick around here and check the place out. I saw there was a lake behind here, so I might go look out at the water. Plus I need to shower. You and mom have fun. Stay out as late as you like, I can take care of myself.”

“Alright sweetie,” He said kissing me on the forehead and hugging my shoulders. My dad was very big on the hugs. Sometimes people were a little weirded out that he wanted to hug, but I did not mind. Hugs from my dad had always been my favorite, ever since I was a young child.

“Have fun,” I said happily as I shut the door to my room. I soon stripped out of my clothes and stepped into the bathroom that the room had all to itself. I turned on the hot water and went out to set out some warm clothes. By time I had got back into the bathroom, the room was steamed up. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water run over my body.

Once done with my shower, I dried off, put on my warm clothes and threw my hair up into a ponytail. Looking out the window I could see that the light had gone away and it was dark outside. I was sure the going out and sitting by the water was going to be just the thing that I needed right now.

I threw on my jacket, wrapped a scarf around my neck and put on a cap to keep my head and ears warm and headed out. I walked down the stairs and headed for the kitchen. They had a thing set up for you to get containers of hot chocolate or tea. I grabbed one and filled it to the top with hot chocolate and walked out the back door.

It was dark and cold outside. The only thing lighting up the water was the moon and stars hanging over my head. It was so beautiful, I almost could not breath for a second. This was why I wanted to come to Alaska. I wanted to see what the moon and stars were really supposed to look like.

I sat down on a bench the was a few feet away from the water. I poured myself a cup of hot chocolate and took a sip. The warmth of it took over my entire body and gave me the chills. After a few more sips my body accepted the warmth and began to enjoy the feeling.

“It sure is beautiful isn’t it,” a voice spoke softly from behind me. I jumped just slightly, nearly causing me to spill my hot chocolate all over myself. I turned my head slowly, scared as to who could be behind me. I could not make out the face very well but from what I could see, he had to be close to my age.

“Yeah,” I said looking back at the water. I did not want him to know that he had startled more or show him that I was just a little scared.

“I did not mean to startle you,” he said as he took a seat next to me on the bench. He put his hand out for me to shake. “I am Killian.”

I slowly placed my hand in his and shook it. It was in that moment that I finally got to see his face. He was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life. He had flawless skin and dark eyes that were almost hard to see in this light. He had a smile that could take anyones breath away and he was … he was talking to me.

“I am …” I began, stuttering over my words. “I am Eleanor.”

“Now that is an amazing name,” he said with a smile. He looked me straight in the eyes. He did not try to check me out or avoid eye contact like most boys. He was talking to me and never once did he lose eye contact. “Not every day you get to meet a beautiful girl with a beautiful name such as yours.”

“Thank you,” I smiled. I could feel my cheeks burning up. I was glad that it was dark, he would not be able to see that he had made me blush.


Killian and I had ended up talking for hours that night. By time I got back to my room it was after one in the morning and I was exhausted. He said that he was staying in the room between my parents and I. I figured he had checked in sometime shortly after we had. I asked him if he had seen any ghosts and he just laughed. He obviously thought the notion of ghosts was just as stupid as I did.

Over the next four days we met every night at the spot we met. We talked about things that we liked and about the stories that he wrote. He ever wrote me a poem about me. He mentioned how beautiful I was, and how much he wanted to kiss me. So that night I let him.

At first I was shaking. I had never kissed a boy before, and he was more then just some boy. He was the most amazing boy I had ever met. After a moment that his kisses completely took me over. I was completely lost in him and I wanted more.

“Eleanor,” I heard a voice that pulled me away from the most wonderful kiss in the world. “Eleanor, what are you doing sitting out here by yourself in the cold?”

I looked over to my father and then back to where … I could not believe my eyes. Killian was gone. Did he run when he saw my father and my father did not see him because it was to dark. I could not believe that he just took off.

I got up and walked over to my dad. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and walked me inside. I looked back at the bench, but he was still no where to be seen. I almost wanted to cry, but I was bigger then that. I let my dad walk me to my room, once I was in there a tear fell from my eye and landed on my cheek.

I changed into my pajamas and laid down on the bed. I thought about Killian and for some reason started to get really angry. Not liking how this evening had ended, I got out of bed and went over to his room and softly knocked on the door. He was going to need to explain himself to me. I knocked a few times and after a few minutes there was still no answer.

“Killian,” I said as I turned the knob. It was not locked and the door slowly opened. It was dark in the room. I flipped on the light, expecting to see him asleep in bed, but the room was empty. It was not empty in the manner that there was no one in the room. It was empty as in, it was empty. There was nothing in the room at all. No bed, no nothing.

Confused, I went back to my room and sat there. Killian had said that he was staying in that room. He had not only left me to feel embarrassed this evening, but he had lied to me. I felt hurt and cheated.

“Eleanor,” I heard a faint voice coming from the hallway. I slowly walked over to the door and placed my ear against it. “Eleanor.”

My whole body froze. I knew right then and there that it was Killian. I did not want to answer but I needed to tell him how I felt. I swung open the door expecting to see him standing there but the hallway was empty.

“Eleanor.” I heard my voice again, this time coming from the room that I had just discovered to be empty. I walked over to it once again, I could not see that the light in the room was on. I slowly pushed the door open.

“Killian,” I asked as I stepped into the room. My heart stopped in my chest and my eyes got wide as I noticed the room was now full of things. There was a bed in the corner next to a dresser. A desk with a typewriter on it and all kinds of things plastered all over the wall. Sitting on the end of the bed looking at me was Killian.

“But this…” I began, looking over the room one more time, trying to determine if I was crazy or not. “This room was empty just a moment ago.”

Killian smiled at me and patted the bed next to him. I walked over and sat down, still looking over the room. Before I had the chance to say anything, he kissed me again. The kiss was so good that I forgot everything. I forgot about the room being bare earlier and I forgot about him ditching me outside earlier that evening. I just fell into the kiss.

We had kissed for what seemed like forever, when he began to lower me down on the bed. I did not fight him, I just went with it. I did not know why I was letting any of this happen. I just knew that I was falling in love with him and I did not want him to stop kissing me.

“I love you Eleanor,” he said as he moved down and began to kiss my neck. “Please be mine. I promise you my heart.”

“I’m yours,” I whispered, while taking shallow breaths. He liked that answer and kissed me again. Before I knew it, we were laying there, naked, kissing like there was no tomorrow.

He crawled on top of me and kissed down my jaw and around my neck. I ran my fingers down the side of his body. He was soft and smooth to the touch. I never wanted to let go of him.

“Are you sure you want to do this,” He asked me looking me deep in the eyes. I did not even need to speak. I was screaming yes with my eyes and he got the message perfectly.

“This is going to hurt, but I promise to be gentle.” He whispered in my ear as he placed the head of his penis into me. I let out a deep breath and fought back a scream. He slowly slid it all the way in me and then stopped. Once I was okay again, I nodded at him and he continued on.

Slowly he pushed in and out of me. Our bodies meeting and then parting. I pulled him down and held onto his body so tightly. I had never felt so much love, passion, joy and pain all at the same time. Every time he pushed into me, my body lite up like it was on fire. I never wanted it to end. I wanted our bodies to stay pressed together for eternity.

“Oh my,” I whispered in his ear as I had my very first orgasm ever. My whole body started to shake as my orgasm took over. He placed his lips hard against mine and pushed all the way into me, making my orgasm as amazing as it could have possibly been.

“I love you Eleanor,” he said pulling back and pushing into me again. He closed his eyes and pushed hard into me one more time. I could feel his penis throbbing inside of me as he gave into his orgasm. He let out a light moan of pleasure before opening his eyes and looking down at me.

He kissed me again, it lasting a good five minutes before he pulled out of me and rolled to lay beside me on the bed.

“I love you too Killian,” I said kissing his neck and curling up into him. “I don’t want to go back to California. I want to stay here with you forever.”

“You can.” he whispered in my ear, as I fell asleep in his arms.


“Eleanor?” I heard my name being called, my eyes flickering open. “Eleanor, where are you.”

Once my eyes could see again, I looked beside me, but Killian was not there. Neither was the bed, or the dresser or the desk. Only me, laying on the floor, naked in the middle of an empty room.

“Killian” I whispered.

{January 21, 2011}   Welcome to my world!!

So you have now entered the world of Gretchen. It is a dark and scary place if you are just visiting, but us who live here like to call it home. So take off your shoes at the door because I will kill you if you bring the outside world onto my carpet. Also beware of the dog, she has lizards, which is like fleas but green and with tails.

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